Products and Services

List and categorize your Products and Services and maintain pricing lists. Create similar lists with competitive products/services and outsmart your competition. Your product catalog can be synced with your ERP or e-shop via web services.


Define specific prices for specific items (or list of items) for a specific period of time. You may even specify customer-specific pricelists (e.g. key account special deals).

Comidor invoices

Sales & Transaction Types

Comidor now gives you the functionality of printing your legal documents (invoices, delivery notes, credit/debit notes etc.). Simply set up the related templates ("transaction types") and let Comidor do the rest for you. Of course, all Comidor info is available to be linked with your document (accounts, contacts, products, contracts, pricelists, tasks, notes etc.).


Manage your contracts holistically: upload on Comidor the related documents (signed agreements, invoices and legal requirements) and keep version history, define contract validity periods and be informed of their expiration dates, link contracts with accounts and projects, add negotiation comments and keep yourself updated by checking the contract’s activity history. Last but not least, generate valuable contract reports.


The list of your company employees forms the Personnel list. All employee-related information can be stored (personal details, contact details, previous experience, CV and much more) and linked with various other elements: accounts, performance targets, calendar events (days-off) etc.

Personnel Forms Designer, Results & Statistics

Design forms that you can distribute to your employees and get valuable feedback. With an easy-to-learn User Interface, guiding you to complete the steps, the Personnel Form Designer can help you improve your office-environment quality and increase employee brand bonding. The forms answers (the "Results") are gathered automatically by the system and analytical statistics are available for you to deduct useful decisions.

Income Expenses and CashFlow Management

Financial raw data come into Comidor in several ways and permit Enterprise Budgeting, Planning and forecasting, Cashflow management, Income/Expenses analysis, Debit/Credit reporting, financial dashboards and more.

Track all your income and expenses with Comidor and filter these by date, description and account or based on any other filter. You can link these existing contacts, accounts or even projects and get the full picture of your financial whereabouts. Comidor, assists your sales force in making the optimum budget forecasts by providing and easy and seamless approach in tracking budget by department, project, account or contact. Finance module offers:

  • Financial transactions management
  • Net amount management
  • Total amount management
  • Cash in management
  • Reviews, graphic charts by annual and monthly income basis
  • Charts and tools
  • "Balance": Graph chart comparing Income and Expenses per annum and month basis
  • "Cashflow": Graph chart comparing Cash In to Cash Out per annum and month basis
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