Christmas apps

A handful of apps for your company’s Christmas stocking

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Christmas is here. This time of the year, streets and malls get staffed with people joyfully spending their  money in presents. But have you ever thought of making a present to your business? The ideas are countless, as you can choose from new furniture and PCs to all these business apps that are made to organize your company and as a result your daily routine. We cannot help you in the first case, but we can suggest you 5 applications that we do believe that deserve to be in your business Christmas stocking!

  • Stripe : the breakthrough startup of 2014 according to ( , stripe is a developer’s best friend according to Sean Higgins( as it can process payments or store card information. When it comes to billing, nobody
    charges lower rates or does it better. Apple’s mobile payments service is based on Strike along with Facebook and Twitter, so it is undoubtedly the winner in business finance applications
  • Hootsuite: it’s a fact that social media occupy a fair share of our sleepless days. Posting in different business/social accounts is much easier with the advent of Hootsuite. With a simple login from any browser users can synchronize all their social accounts and check the latest news or schedule their daily posts.
  • Moz : every SEO’s “must-have” tool! A beyond state of the art a powerful analytics software that tracks a website’s inbound marketing efforts on one single platform. Beautiful data visualizations, insights into competitor’s data and recommendations to improve performance, are only some of the functionalities that moz offers. Edoardo Croce from eTherapi has suggested moz to us, along with the next application, Asana.
  • Asana: what to say for Asana! This mobile/cloud application can be considered as the benchmark in team collaboration as it puts emails aside paving the way for a new way of business collaboration and tasks management. Asana’s workspaces are used by thousands of people all over the world in order to plan and manage every kind of project no matter the complexity and size.
  • Comidor: last but not least, this application can really do miracles to every business as it is a full organization and managing package. Offering Tasks Management, Contact Management, Real- time communication, CRM Project Management, Financial management along with productivity measurements and Business Intelligence tools in such an affordable price makes Comidor the ideal software for every small-medium business.