Chat Room

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Chat room Comidor Chat allows the user to communicate with other colleagues internally. The chat room offers both text messaging and video calls. It is supported across all web browsers…

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notifications - featured

Comidor Notifications and Reminders

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Notifications and Reminders Comidor Notifications and Reminders (N&R) form the backbone of Comidor Communication. While Comidor offers many standard communication tools (Emails, internal messaging, instant messaging, video calling), the Comidor…

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Comidor topics


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Topics Comidor Topics can be used as a channel of communication between colleagues. Users can create an internal community within the company where employees from one team can post topics…

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Comidor contacts

Contacts (Contact Management)

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Contacts Comidor Contacts facilitates your Contact Management, Communication and therefore Collaboration with these Contacts. Comidor offers options to categorize your contacts and manage them more efficiently, send group internal and…

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