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In the business world there is no single way to achieve your goals and meet your needs. In light of that we present an approach that may fit to the way you work and may remind or inspire you to utilize technology for your benefit.

Why SWOT & Why Comidor?

SWOT analysis enables anyone, from individuals to large organizations, to identify its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to achieve a specific goal or objective. The true value of SWOT analysis is that the SWOT matrix/diagram offers gathered information facilitating the development of successful strategies and decision – making.

There are useful SWOT Analysis software solutions which provide templates, pre-filled lists and tutorials helping you to design and create your SWOT diagram. However software is just a tool serving its intended purpose. Therefore even application that has not been developed for SWOT but has the potentials to support it, can be used for it.

Comidor is an Enterprise Collaboration system which combines basic with advanced integrated functionalities of Business Processes, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management (PM), Finance & Accounting, and Business Intelligence that can be used to gather the needed information to populate the SWOT matrix. An excellent cloud crm project management software which really facilitates teamwork online.

The role of Mission, Vision and Values

First of all, business should have clearly defined what is offering to whom and which is the desired situation or destination for its future. Effective mission and vision statements let business to set realistic and measurable goals and KPIs for which it is going to perform SWOT Analysis.

Values that can help the process of SWOT are honesty and openness which enhance enterprise collaboration. These values create the proper working environment and atmosphere that allows employees, customers and other stakeholders to reveal real weaknesses and threats that can be proved crucial for the business existence and success. Comidor can enhance: 

  • collaboration providing communication tools such as emails, internal messages, chat and videoconference
  • transparency and trust among managers, employees and other stakeholders using Comidor as guests via sharing of files, documents and folders and provision of public access rights to information, data, reports and statistics.

The purpose of SWOT is for business to take action developing strategies always in alignment with the mission, vision, and values. Comidor enables business to do that by:

  • creating and managing Projects, Tasks, Workflows, Specific Cases, and Actions
  • creating and updating Comidor wiki pages for the business mission, vision, values, goals, productivity measurements and objectives that can be accessed by anyone. These wiki pages may act as reminders to keep the business effort aligned.


SWOT Analysis followed by an action plan is vital for the business efficiency and effectiveness and Comidor can support: 

  • the open and honest working environment required for SWOT and
  • the development of the action plan afterwards. 

But, how Comidor can be used to gather the needed information to fill in the SWOT matrix?

Who to involve, in what, why and how? The answer @the sequel ;)

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