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P.S. Every successful project manager uses a cloud project management software!

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Wednesday, 07 January 2015 15:02 ,Project Management
P.S. Always take advantage of a cloud project management software for proper project tracking and ensure the successful completion of every project!
Projects are like crimes: rarely perfect. When planning in project management, you must always expect misfortunes, misjudgments, wrong calculations, hidden costs, unexpected delays, external factors, bizarre work abnormalities, collaboration issues even butterfly effects. In order to secure the successful completion of your project you must always be prepared for the “Plan B”, estimate its cost and include it in your budget. This cost is your project’s contingency and keep it well in your mind that you are going (partially) to expend it. But somehow this extra cost for the “Plan B” has special advantages; it is truly value-for-money. 1. Minimize…
Technology (mostly IT) have this magical capacity of transforming boring words into fairy-dusted buzzes that have the ability to change the way we work and in a great extend our exciting lives. Take for example last decade’s buzz of “semantic web”. You have “semantic” which is even for academic standards a boring word and you put some magic “web” and there you are! Millions of dollars spent in system interoperability (needless to mention the myriad of conferences analyzing what is semantic web over and over again). Social media is no exception. Social is generally a good thing, unless you were…
When Columbus left Genoa in search for financial support for his brave trip to the East Indies, he knew this would be a lifetime project. Slow transportations means, poor communication methods, inefficient organization, time-consuming bureaucracy, disturbing imperial protocols and negative social response. Rumor has it that he greeted his mother with a mourning goodbye rather than an “arrivederci”… It actually took him 8 years from that emotional departure (1485) to the glorious arrival back to Europe (1493): Travel from Genoa to Lisbon to beg the King John II for support, fail, go back home to find sponsors in Genoa and…
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