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Comidor Contracts Management System is here to organize any kind of contracts that a business has, either with its clients or not. All Contracts can be categorized according to user’s needs and can also be related with several Comidor entities.



From the main vertical menu click on the “Accounting System” and select the “Contracts” unit. To create a New Contract, simply click the new (+) button.


Now fill in the Title of the contract, categorize it correctly and continue filling the value and from/ to dates. After that, the user can relate the contract with the appropriate Account and Document, along with a small Description for it. Click Save and the contract is successfully created.


Example Scenario:

A Company has created Support Contracts for every customer with their From and To dates. Every day the user can open the Contracts unit and just at a glance check which contract is about to expire.

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Semina Efstathaki

Semina Efstathaki

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