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Comidor Personnel unit helps every business manage its current and potential human resources. Every personnel entry can be linked with a resource in order to be used in calculating the cost of a Project and extract useful results. The whole recruiting process can be facilitated as all Personnel records can be categorized in Active, Candidate, Retired and Invalid and linked with their CV or other relevant documents.



From the main vertical menu, click on “Accounting System” and select “Personnel”. To create a New Personnel, simply click the new (+) button.


Now, add the details of the Personal Information of the personnel. Write the First and Last name, the company that they are working, their job title, education and specialty. Select their current status (Active, Candidate, Retired or Invalid), position and contact information and personal address. You can also add the URLs of their Social Media, birth date, interests or a photo.

The edit button   allows the user to keep up-to-date any personnel record. The print button  provides a printed version of each entry details. While the Menu button  allows specific actions for the current personnel entry such as Delete, Notify selected users or groups, Link with any other Comidor objects (these manual links are displayed on the top-right corner), Merge a Contact that already exists with the current personnel entry.




The right-side tabs in a personnel record offer easy access to Summary (an overview of all the details), relevant Notes and comments, Activity History with all the updates, comments and links that have been made for the current record, and Form Answers which presents all the Surveys to which the current personnel entry has participated.


Example Scenario:

With Comidor Personnel unit you can organize and manage the CVs that have been sent for a certain position. Create a personnel entry for each person with the state Candidate and also their CV linked using the Link with option. Having them all correctly organized, it is much easier to create filters on their Education for example and also maintain a powerful CV database that can be used from everybody in the future.

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Semina Efstathaki

Semina Efstathaki

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