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Friday, 08 January 2016 14:27 ,Business Processes - BPM
Introduction Comidor offers the option to create and monitor Collaborative Business Processes. It allows you to assign Business Processes to more than one individuals or.and groups, notify them and define who will be the supervisor. Also, to schedule the Process's duration and monitor its stage. Furthermore,Processes can be matched with related objects (Files, Accounts, Contacts, Tasks etc.). On top of that, it is supported instant communication through the specific Process's participants. Procedure Creating a Process Creating a typical Business Process should require some information such as the Title, Type of process and the Scheduled start and end. User has the…
Introduction: Comidor can virtually map and track any organizational process through its Workflow Designer and Workflow Processes units. Workflows fully exploit the organizational structure to provide unprecedented process design and action monitoring. Through the Workflows Designer unit, the user can navigate and modify existing processes or create new ones in the dedicated graphical pane. From the Workflow Processes unit, every user can check and manage the workflow stages that are assigned to them and change their status in order the process to go on. Procedure: Workflow Designer From the main vertical menu, click on “Business Automation” and select “Workflow Designer”.…

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