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Comidor offers business tools which enable companies and teams to handle any type of situation or problem through the units which will be described below.




When users need to discuss several subjects with your colleagues (e.g. poll, announcement, processes analysis), they can use Topics Unit.


More specifically, user can:

1. Edit a topic by clicking on the "pencil" button

2. Be informed about related information, such as answers of the topic placed on Notes, Links and Tags added and people responsible for this Topic

3. Have a look at the topic, its start and end dates and times and its description

4. From the 3-bar button, user can notify other people, print the topic, make the appropriate "linkings" with other objects or delete it.



When users need to inform other users for specific occasions (e.g. conference, fair etc), they can use Events.

Users who are going to attend the event they can click the "attend" button and be recorded in the attenders list. From each Event entity, users can add additional notes, income, expenses, plan budgeting and invite other users.

As usual, user can view all the information needed for the Event, its rights, add as many tags as he/she wish and make the appropriate "linkings" with other objects (Accounts, Tasks, Emails etc.).



Each user can keep its own Notes in order to remember important data and information. User can notify their colleagues or export their notes at a MS excel file.


Example Scenario:

The IT department of a company can start a discussion at Topics about the reasons for which the company should participate in the next Business Technology Conference. Once the participation has been decided the specific conference can be added at Comidor as Event and company’s employees can click whether they are going to attend or not. Each of attendants can keep personal notes in order to get prepared for the event.

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