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Comidor offers a reliable and transparent approach for Task Management. It allows you to manage your personal Tasks, your Group tasks, assign Tasks to others, and be assigned of Orders from others. In this unit you can manage all of your Comidor Tasks even if you have created them using another Comidor unit (e.g. Calendar). Also, you can define Repetitive Tasks, create Task Reminders and create rewards for accomplished Tasks.



Creating a Task

When creating a Task you should define the type of task (work, travel, event, phone etc) and the assignee, who can be yourself, other user or group and many other information that will help the people/user related with this task to perform it successfully. 


More specifically, in Task creation, user can:

1. define the Task title and type, assignee(s) and supervisor(s),

2. get informed about the assignee's workload for the scheduled Task date,

3. define the scheduled Task time, date, duration, quantity and whether it is an out of office procedure or not. Also, set the Task as important and monitor its state.

4. Comidor allows you to set a repetition of a task (in minutes, hours, days etc.) and automatically create, if needed, all the repetitive Tasks for the respective Task

5. and give the short description and any reports related to this.

6. Furthermore, he/she can set all its relations with other Comidor objects such as Accounts, Processes, Opportunities, Projects, Parent Tasks, Files etc.,

7. and perform more activities like printing, take reports, importing Tasks from csv files and exporting them, too.


On top of that, Comidor not only provides Task Date Control informing you about the duration of the already assigned tasks for the selected date, but also gives you a Task Time Control warning message if the new task that you try to add overlaps with an existing one.



Editing a Task

User can also preview or edit a Task assigned to him or a Task that he has created, change its State and add more Tasks related to this Task.


 Task creator or Task assignee can perform the following actions upon a Task:

1. edit it by clicking on the "pencil" button, 

2. get informed about Notes, changes and activity History related with this Task, Notifications sent and Tags on this Task. Also, user can set its own Tags, send Notifications, Link the Task with other related objects (Emails, Accounts, Processes, etc.) and see its rights,

3+4. get informed about the Task's basic info and Times,

5. Repetition info, if added,

6. and any Description or Reports added for this Task.

7+8. Also, user has the option to see any relations with this Task and add additional Tasks.

9. By clicking on the State option on top right, user can change it. For each option (Running, Completed, Canceled, Paused) an additional pop-out box appears, which prompts the user to add additional information, such as execution times and reports.

10. Lastly, user can perform extra moves from the 3-bar button on top right, like printing the Task, linking it, notify others or create a Task Reminder (see below).


Creating a Task Reminder

You can create a reminder for an existing task selecting the time of the reminder (On Task Completion, On Task Time, On x Days Delayed, On x Days Before), the user that will be notified and the means of notification (email or/and SMS).




Creating a Task Indicator

Using Comidor Task Indicators Unit (Business Automation package) you can set your own measurements and link them with Tasks in order to keep track of your own or your employees’ productivity. Every time a Task which is linked with a productivity index is completed, an appropriate message is displayed with “Comidors” that the current user has won and reward him/her.



Example Scenario:

As Comidor Team Leader you can assign Tasks to members of your team and be aware of their daily workload. Set reminders that you will receive via SMS on Tasks completion and measurements with which will keep track of your team’s productivity. In this way you can manage efficiently and effectively your team’s Tasks.

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