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Comidor Leads unit has been created in order to successively helping you have a close look to your potential customers. It is very important to have all available information about that person in one place and the most critical point of all is the option of changing its lead category and monitoring how things run in your Leads race. Of course, you can also connect your Lead with several objects (e.g. an Opportunity).



Creating a new Lead

Adding as more information as we know about a Lead, is as important as adding details of a Contact. Knowing the Lead source, state and in which phase it is, can help on dealing with it in a more efficient way.


So, most crucial things here are:

1. Lead Heat (0 Just a name, 1 Engaged, 2 Prospect, 3 Marketing Qualified Lead, 4 Sales Qualified Lead, 5 Opportunity). By having your Leads categorized in this way, can offer you significant help on dealing with Leads.

2. Lead State (Created, Scheduled, Running, Completed, Canceled, Paused, Failed).

3. Lead Source. You probably may find this information valuable later, when a Lead turns into a Customer!


Editing a Lead

After creating your Leads, you can monitor each Lead seperately or many Leads together.


To be more precise, user can:

1. Edit the Lead by clicking on the "pencil" button

2. Check Lead summary, Notes added by the users that have the rights to access this Lead, Tags and Links of this Lead, when Changes have been applied to the Lead, Lead's rights and how many of the Emails sent our Lead has opened

3. From the 3-bar button, perform more actions such as printing, deleting, linking the Lead with other objects (Accounts, Opportunities, Emails, etc.) and notifying colleagues. On top of that, from this point, user can send an email to this Lead and convert it into Contact or/and Account.

4. Convert Lead into Account in one move!


Monitoring many Leads together can also simplify your work.


From the basic Lead window View, user has the options to:

1. Create a new Lead from the "plus" sign

2. Select one/more/all Leads and export them into xls file, delete them, link them with other objects, send them a group mail or create a Campaign, convert them into Contacts/Accounts and change their Lead category

3. Perform more actions from the 3-bar button, like checking the Leads Funnel, the Leads pipeline or/and adding Notifications for the times that a Lead subscribes.


More Actions on Leads

In the Lead Funnel, user can check the funnel and use it for his/her own purposes.


In the Lead pipeline, user can monitor the different Leads categories and easily convert a Lead being in the final stage (Opportunity) into an Account.


In the Settings option user can add Notifications, so as to notify someone with an Email or/and SMS as soon as a Lead is generated. LeadNotification

Example Scenario:

A new lead will be generated automatically as soon as someone registers for receiving newsletter via your website. Then everyone interacting with this lead can access his details and monitor his activity history, ensuring maximum satisfaction during the approach phase for converting him to a possible contact/opportunity.

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