Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) Tools


Comidor offers more than 30 tools that cover a wide range of business activities (communication, collaboration, projects, CRM, financials, products, pricelists etc.). It is really important to have the right tools to retrieve/reference/analyze/report this load of business information: these are the Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) tools.


Comidor BI module doesn’t come as a separate Comidor package; to the contrary, the BI tools are embedded in each of the modules (Collaboration, PM, CRM, BPM, Accounting, Admin). Below, is the list of Comidor’s BI tools:



-          Categorization

-          Pagination

-          Filters (private/public, predefined/custom)

-          Export to MS Excel

-          Search (indexed, fast, powerful)


-          Pie Charts

-          Stack Charts

-          Time-based Analysis

-          Geo-location Analysis (Google Maps integration)


-          Predefined Report Catalog

-          Report Builder


-          Predefined Widgets

-          Widger Builder

Website Analytics

-          Website Traffic

-          Website Statistics

-          Website Scenario Maker

Operation-specific BI tools

-          Project Gantt Chart

-          Project Burndown Chart

-          Schedule KanBan Board

-          Timesheets

-          CRM Pipeline

-          CRM Sales Funnel

-          Comparative Opportunities Charts

-          BPM KPIs   

-          FI Budgeting









Example Scenario:

Comidor BI tools can be used in any case that an employee needs to interpret business information into valuable structured intelligence. That could be from a simple meeting PowerPoint presentation and a plenary session up to a year-end report analysis and a strategic business plan.

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Dimitris Athanasiadis

Dimitris Athanasiadis

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