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Comidor Business Intelligence tools offer plenty predefined reports as well as a report builder tool for creating customized reports.


Comidor Reports doesn’t come as a separate Comidor package; to the contrary, the Reports are embedded in each of the modules (Collaboration, PM, CRM, BPM, Accounting, Admin). Below, is the list of Comidor’s predefined reports:

Tasks Buttons

The most important Comidor units (tasks, accounts, opportunities, projects and other), have the “Notepad” button (above) that triggers the list of predefined reports (below).

Task Reports

Report Filters

Each Report can be customized based on elaborated filters (above)!Tasks per User Report

 All Comidor reports are analytical, easy-to-read, exportable (to MS Excel) and printable!

BI tools


There are plenty visualization methods (List, Graph, Time-Analysis, Maps)

with filtering, sorting, grouping and sums options.


An easy-to-learn and easy-to-use report builder (query maker).


Report Builder

Plenty project-related predefined reports for advanced project tracking in addition to Comidor's variety of project management tools!

Projects ColumnsProject Reports

What you should expect from the best cloud crm project management software!


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