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Qualitative research can help businesses to understand not only what their customers think about their product/services but also why they think it. Comidor Forms enable you to create and conduct your own surveys, even with low budget. In this way you can get useful feedback to test reactions, refine your business approach and develop new or improve current products/services. There are three units allowing you to manage your surveys.

1. Form Designer
Form Designer enables you to design your questionnaire adding pages and defining the type and the content of the questions per page. Types of questions that you can use are value list, free text, check and group. There are the options of weighted answers or/and multiple answers. In this unit can be defined if the users are able to edit their answers or/and view their score.

 Form Designer

 2. Form Results
This unit is used to answer an existing questionnaire and view the given answers.

 Form Results

Users after the answers completion, they can see their score providing that the form creator has checked the option “Allow score view” designing the form.

 Form Score

3. Form Statistics
Form Statistics unit provides graphs with the survey statistics based on participants’ answers. The user should only select the desired form.

Form Statistics

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