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Introduction: Comidor Notifications and Reminders (N&R) form the backbone of Comidor Collaboration. In addition to the standard communication tools (e-mails, internal messaging, chat, video call), Comidor N&R system exploits the Company’s Organizational structure to deliver fast messages, deadlines, alerts, escalations and even SMS! Procedure: A Comidor Notification can be created simply by selecting the menu option “Notify”, which exists in almost all the Comidor record menus (tasks, cases, opportunities, projects, events etc.). From the Notification pop-up screen, one can: type the Notification Message, precisely select the recipients list (inclusion/exclusion lists on group/user level) and even inform externals, people with no…

Comidor Forms

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:51 ,General Features
Qualitative research can help businesses to understand not only what their customers think about their product/services but also why they think it. Comidor Forms enable you to create and conduct your own surveys, even with low budget. In this way you can get useful feedback to test reactions, refine your business approach and develop new or improve current products/services. There are three units allowing you to manage your surveys. 1. Form DesignerForm Designer enables you to design your questionnaire adding pages and defining the type and the content of the questions per page. Types of questions that you can use…
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