Comidor Lesson 7 - Comidor Advanced Tools


Explore Comidor's advanced tools in just 5 minutes!


  1. Create “Forms” to conduct surveys

With Comidor you can create questionnaire forms and send them to any user/contact/account/opportunity for analyzing your customer satisfaction & loyalty, your employees performance, your brand recognition etc.

  • Click here to be transferred to the Comidor Forms app!

  • Press the “+” button (next to the word “Forms”).

  • Fill-in a title, the target group of the form, select its administrators and press “Save”.

  • Your form has been created! Now you can click the “Action” button on the top-left of your screen underneath your Form’s title and “Add page(s)” to your campaign

  • Click on the Options button of every page (bot right corner) for editing the page’s name and add questions (check type, free text, value list, group type)

  • Add choices for your answers (If applicable) and your form is ready for sharing with your respondents


  1. Gain insights with Specialized Dashboards

Every Comidor package has specialized graphical reports, which can be found on the corresponding Dashboard unit


  1. Organize your Resources and Staff with the Timesheet units

Assign your staff to any running project, case or opportunity via Comidor's timesheets.


  1. Do even more with Comidor's BI tools!

Comidor offers a handful of BI tools among its plethora of units. There are predefined reports, charts, graphs, geolocation analysis and even a Website Analytics app in the CRM package (the last one requires Comidor Upgrade to Enterprise Plan).


There are much more things to do in Comidor!


Go through the “Help Center” for more detailed documentation and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you want help either through the “Support Center” button (left vertical button) or through skype “” or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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