Weekly tips - #3 Security

Securing business data is very important, specially when it comes to Cloud Computing. 

As such, Comidor's first priority is to protect business information, both externally and internally. 

Please read below the various security shields that Comidor provides to your sensitive business information:


Protection from external invadors

-www.comidor.com is accessed via an SSL connection

-Comidor data are stored in Amazon.com servers (99,95% uptime)

-Comidor database is weekly securely backed-up


Protection from internal info leakages

  • User Levels:

         - Administrators (full access rights)
         - Users (controlled access rights) 
         - Guests (highly-restricted access rights)

  • User Packages Access:

         - Basic (Collaboration)
         - Project Mgmt
         - CRM
         - FI
         - Combinations of all above

  • User Organizational Chart Access:

         - Group Leader (full access to Org. Group's actions) 
         - Group Member (controlled access to Org. Group's actions)

  • Record Access:

         a. Generic Authorization 
         - Public (Users and Guests) 
         - Protected (only Users) 
         - Private (User's private information) 

         b. Specific Authorization 
         - Record View (fully customized with inclusions/exclusions per User/Group) 
         - Record Edit (fully customized with inclusions/exclusions per User/Group)

  • Project Access:

         - Project Manager (full project access) 
         - Team Leader (controlled access to project schedules) 
         - End User (controlled access) 

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