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Still email is the main tool for everyday intra-extra enterprise communication. But emails cannot handle various daily activities such as setting issues, finalizing appointments, creating reminders or monitoring tasks. Comidor alleviates this by allowing the connection of messages/emails with projects, tasks, issues, events, files, contacts or any other entities of interest. It endows users with full mail management capabilities for communication (e-mails, internal messages , personal correspondence, etc ) with all typical functionalities a user can expect from a powerful mailer (creating new , forward, reply , delete , link to any related object , etc.). It’s all down to the Comidor integrated secure email server which ensures the parametric sharing, centralized management, communications sustainability and multiple email accounts management.

The user can easily manage incoming or outgoing emails, send internal messages, create email campaigns, or even explore the objects that have been linked with these messages. Is it possible to for each user through the Comidor.

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