Weekly tips - #38 Site Analytics

It’s easier than ever to track your website visitors. Comidor’s Site Analytics unit gives you all the information you may need to get the full out of each and every person who visits your site. You can also set some special “events”, actions that every time they occur an email or an SMS will be sent to you!

Firstly, you have to set up the parameters which means to choose the website you want to monitor and count its visitors. After that, user should choose when and how they want to be notified e.g. every time a visitor clicks on the pricing page, Comidor sends you an SMS.


Funnel Report


All these valuable data that you collect can be used to export Reports and Analytics regarding visitors’ age, location, time spent on your site and much more. Creating a funnel report for the “events” that happen more often can also extract useful results. 

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