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Produce, Send & Print your Invoices with Comidor


Accounting MenuNo matter whether you are sitting at your office or you are on the go, producing and sending an invoice was never easier before!

 Just start using Comidor’s simple but powerful e-Invoicing System by:


 i) Building and keeping your product catalogue updatedProduct & Services

Add all your products & Services via the “Products & Services” unit to keep an updated list of all your products & services.


 ii) Creating generalized or specialized pricelists, tailored to any product/client combination to meet your business’ needsPricelists

From the “Pricelists” unit, create general price conditions for a product or even a product category, or apply specific rules for every unique situation i.e. set a different price for a specific product when selling it to a specific customer. Just fill in all the conditions which apply and Comidor will always suggest the most appropriate conditions in invoicing (Product-Account combination, Product’s price or a general price for a Product Category).


iii) Just before starting issuing your legal documents, predefine your desired transaction typesTransaction Types

If the default transactions types are not enough for your daily business (just create them by clicking on “Setup defaults”) Comidor lets you create any type of transaction you may need via the “Transaction Types” unit.


iv) Finally, just produce simple or even repetitive invoices anytime for printing them or having them sent to your clients automatically by e-mail on predefined date & time!

Congratulations! You are ready to start issuing invoices and other legal documents via the “Sales” unit. Just fill in the required fields (Account, Product, Prices etc.).

Just click in the blue pencil button on the top for more advanced options, select different billing and shipping addresses or create repetitive invoices.

Advanced Invoice Options

Comidor will always suggest the selected product’s price based on the most suitable predefined pricelist conditions on every occasion.

Invoice Price

As soon as you click on the finish button of the invoice’s initial screen, the invoice will be generated and the print & send options will be enabled for using them accordingly!Final Invoice

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