Weekly tips - #9 Project Management: Echo Model

The "Echo" Model, as the word implies, mimics the echo concept in order to capture the workflow and to monitor the real progress of the team members (TM), team leaders (TL) up to project managers (PM).

Comidor PM follows these steps:

- Project Managers set up the project and assign schedules to teams

- Team Leaders accept the team schedules and assign orders to the appropriate team members

- Team Members accept the orders and create their own sub-tasks for the completion of the orders

After the tasks' completion:

- Team Members flag their orders as "complete"

- Team Leaders are notified for the order's completion, evaluate the order and confirm its completion. Subsequently, the project's metrics are updated accordingly (hours, costs etc)

- Project Managers monitor the actual project's progress on his Gantt chart

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Despina Gkouva

Despina Gkouva

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