Comidor can virtually map and track any organizational process through its powerful Workflow module. Workflows fully exploit the organizational structure -built in the “Users and Groups” module- to provide unprecedented process design and action monitoring. Through the workflows dashboard, the user can navigate and modify existing processes or create new ones in the dedicated graphical pane. It provides all the tools and means for business process management to improve organization’s performance by optimizing decision making and by reducing costs.

Business workflow software

Design a workflow has never been easier

Comidor guides the user by dictating the necessary information (input like: Action responsible users, Action state types, Action and Processes deadline etc.) that is needed in each step through the “Actions menu” making the design and assignment of processes a straightforward task.

Process execution

Process execution is similarly exciting, as users involved in the process are automatically informed in their “Infobox” whenever a certain step in the process is waiting their action in order to proceed to the next phase. Workflows can be employed for execution within Projects to provide managers with exceptional workload and task management transparency

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