Comidor is business software platform that fills significant gaps between the IT and Business needs. Today, there is increased demand on flexibility, mobility, connectivity and real time access/process/execution of challenges. The daily routine at work needs business intelligence, automation and smart tools in operations.

Comidor provides the appropriate tool-set by which teams integrate work, analyzing faster, communicating promptly, responding quicker, deciding safer, delivering more, changing directions rapidly when needed.  This is total business improvement at the end of the day.

Comidor is addressed to Organizations with vision, striving for growth, companies that consider digital disruption as a unique opportunity to change, making it a competitive advantage.

With Comidor, it is easier than ever to connect Enterprise Collaboration (EC), Business Process (BPM), Project Management (PM) and Customer Relations (CRM), as packages within a single working environment. 

Enterprise Collaboration
Records Management
Process Automation

Comidor Modules
Reporting and Analytics
Integrated Communication
Content and Documents
Business Processes