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Leads & Opportunities

Create a complete profile (contact info, social media links, avatar icons, lead source and more) of your Leads and Prospects. Categorize them, group them, create elaborate filters and run targeted marketing campaigns. Maintain status updates for your leads and track their progressive conversion into customers from their chronologically-ordered detailed CRM Activity History. Convert these Leads to Accounts/Contacts and transform them to Opportunities.

"Opportunity" is a potential deal, so it is important to monitor it in-depth: estimate target turnovers, set deadlines, update statuses, associate it (with accounts, projects, contracts, documents, products and other CRM entities), define competitors, add notes, create tasks and assign responsible administrators; all from a single screen.

Competition management

Compare your sales success versus your competitors, view won versus lost deals, monitor your market penetration, generate and export useful graphs and analytics. Stay ahead of your competitors at all times.


Comidor Contacts

Import your Contacts (Google, Hotmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, *.csv files) and maintain their profile (email, address, telephone, personal interests, Skype, Facebook, Twitter). Assign administrators and adjust the access permissions (personal, public, etc.). Categorize your Contacts into CRM groups and use advanced filters to discover duplicate entries, average profiles, geographical distribution and more.

Classify your customers, vendors, partners and competitors, maintain complete profiles (contact details, social media links, logos), define key account managers and adjust access rights. Link all your CRM entities with financial transactions, tasks, issues, opportunities, projects and even use Google Maps to run geo-location reports. Create custom filters to extract valuable CRM analytics and use the Activity History to recall past activities or to stay updated.

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Sales funnel & pipelines

Check your Sales Funnel Chart to understand potential bottlenecks in your sales process, to monitor the stages that are more stagnant and also those which are the most promising (in terms of estimated budget). Save the Sales Funnel graph in various formats (jpeg, png, svg), print it or even export it as a PDF file.

Sales funnel

Review the Pipeline Chart to compare your won opportunities versus the lost ones. Filter by user (salesman responsible per opportunity) to review the productivity of your salesmen and also filter by year to compare annual results. Save the pipeline graph in various formats (jpeg, png, svg), print it or even export it as a PDF file.

Comidor Finance Diagram

Going one step further, you can create your own CRM reviews with Comidor’s query-maker simply by drag-n-dropping fields. Add sums, groups, totals, sorting and export the results to MS Excel.

Campaigns & Surveys

Campaign planning, execution and monitoring

Target your CRM campaigns to specific market segments with the use of sophisticated filters (geographical, industry sector, seniority etc.). Categorize your marketing campaigns and plan the exact time of their execution.

Comidor’s user-friendly interface makes each marketing campaign’s execution a piece of cake! Simply by selecting a campaign and pressing a single button, you can trigger the initiation of a CRM campaign. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously or run them in a sequential order.

Collect valuable statistics (i.e. how many recipients opened your campaign email) so that your next CRM campaign will be even more successful. Categorize, group, tag and filter campaigns. Generate powerful reviews and charts based on target versus actual turnovers.

Campaign templates

Eliminate rework by reusing Campaign templates. Sometimes the only thing you need to change in the CRM campaign is the title, the discount percentage and the date! Comidor allows you to save email templates and then edit (text or even HTML) only the parts that you need.

CRM Form Designer, Results & Statistics

Design forms that you can distribute to your network and get valuable feedback. With an easy-to-learn User Interface, guiding you to complete the steps, the CRM Form Designer is a powerful add-on to Comidor CRM module that can help you improve your products’ quality and increase customer satisfaction. The forms answers (the "Results") are gathered automatically by the system and analytical statistics are available for you to deduct useful decisions.

Comidor Forms

Website analytics & Social media

Track your website traffic easily with Comidor. Monitor your website visitors and set events in Comidor to get the full picture of the flow. Gather information of your website visitors moves and conduct advanced analysis to extract valuable CRM results.

Map analysis

Get a map with all the website visits from the Analytics option. In the "Select View" choose "Default View" from the dropdown list and in the "Analysis Type" field choose "Map".

Comidor Web Analytics

Plethora of Analytics Reports

Obtain detailed reports about landing pages, visitors, events and more based on:

  • Date range: Specific period of time to get the results
  • Event Metrics: Number of visits for every event you created
  • #Requests: Number of total visitors per day
  • #Events: Number of total events per day
  • Most Active People: IPs of the most active visitors
  • Top Event-Landing page Relations: For every event view from which pages the visitors made the specific event
  • Popular landing sites: Website pages with the higher number of visits
  • Top Referrers: Top 5 Referrers and Sites that lead traffic to your website

Social Networks integration

Comidor Social Media


View and search tweets using the search bar. You can also:

  • Compose a new tweet
  • Compose and time-schedule as many tweets as you like
  • Save your tweets as notes in Comidor
  • Send tweets through emails
  • Open a new topic in Comidor based on a tweet


Connect your facebook account and manage all your updates! You can update your status and save it as note in Comidor. Make comments and like your friends’ posts. Finally search for users, pages and groups directly through Comidor to expand your CRM community.

Products & pricelists

List and categorize your Products and Services and maintain pricing lists. Create similar lists with competitive products/services and outsmart your competition. Your product catalog can be synced with your ERP or e-shop via web services.

Quotation & Contract management

Manage your contracts holistically: upload on Comidor the related documents (signed agreements, invoices and legal requirements) and keep version history, define contract validity periods and be informed of their expiration dates.

Also, link contracts with accounts and projects, add negotiation comments and keep yourself updated by checking the contract’s activity history. Last but not least, generate valuable contract reports.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial transactions

Financial raw data come into Comidor in several ways and permit Enterprise Budgeting, Planning and forecasting, Cashflow management, Income/Expenses analysis, Debit/Credit reporting, financial dashboards and more.

Comidor Invoice

Track all your income and expenses with Comidor and filter these by date, description and account or based on any other filter. You can link these existing contacts, accounts or even projects and get the full picture of your financial whereabouts. Comidor, assists your sales force in making the optimum budget forecasts by providing and easy and seamless approach in tracking budget by department, project, account or contact. Finance module offers:

  • Financial transactions management
  • Net amount management
  • Total amount management
  • Cash in management
  • Reviews, graphic charts by annual and monthly income basis
  • Charts and tools
  • "Balance": Graph chart comparing Income and Expenses per annum and month basis
  • "Cashflow": Graph chart comparing Cash In to Cash Out per annum and month basis

Opportunities and Account Timesheets

Monitor the tasks, which are associated with your opportunities or accounts (customers, vendors and partners), in a timesheet view. Filter opportunities and accounts by status, filter tasks by type and state and get a meaningful visualization of the workload related to each of your CRM entities.

Define specific prices for specific items (or list of items) for a specific period of time. You may even specify customer-specific pricelists (e.g. key account special deals).

Comidor now gives you the functionality of printing your legal documents (invoices, delivery notes, credit/debit notes etc.). Simply set up the related templates ("transaction types") and let Comidor do the rest for you. Of course, all Comidor info is available to be linked with your document (accounts, contacts, products, contracts, pricelists, tasks, notes etc.).

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