Business on the go

Comidor Mobile® is your personal business assistant when you’re on the move. Comidor Mobile includes a variety of important business tools that ensure business continuity, improve productivity and give your company a competitive edge!


Follow your e-mails and Comidor internal messages and gain all the benefits of mobility! Comidor allows you to connect both personal and professional email accounts, so you don’t have to worry about missing any important messages.

Comidor Mobile


Never miss an assignment, improve your work efficiency and deliver on time. Read your daily tasks and edit them on the go. Create a new task, define its deadlines and assign it to a colleague.


Import your mobile address book into Comidor, add a new contact after a customer visit or look-up the profile information of an existing partner. Have access to your full contacts profile all the time from any location.


Browse through your Comidor Documents (private, public or shared folders), check their ratings, their versions and download them directly to your mobile device.


Impress a potential customer and waste no time arriving at important decisions with the use of dynamic dashboards on-the-go. The “Customer report”, the “Tasks per Type”, the “Sales Funnel” and the “Cash in Report” are only few of the plenty valuable preset pie/stack charts.


Comidor Mobile App makes use of the advanced features of your mobile like the "Notification Center". Receive alerts (by text, sound or vibration) each time you have a new e-mail or when a new task is assigned to you.

Video Chat

Keep in touch with your colleagues and customers. Launch a video conference or start a text chat thread. Wherever you are in the Comidor Mobile App and someone sends you a chat message or initiates a video call, you get discretely inform to join in.


A wide variety of reports presented as tables or charts is available providing useful insights and aspects of your organization's performance.

Continuous Updates

Comidor Mobile App is regularly enhanced with additional Comidor functionalities. You will be automatically updated through Google Play Store for Android Devices or App Store for iOS devices.

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