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Digital transformation refers to the process of fostering fast innovation and agility in business operations, while managing balance between “continuous improvement” and “costs and risks understanding”. All systems that have been implemented the previous years can not conform to the fast-paced environment that expects companies to mobilize people, capital and materials, transform customer experience and business operations.

Gartner survey claims that digital transformation comes as top business priority in 2017 for CEOs, as it shows 42% of CEOs having already started Digital Transformation implementation.

At least 56% of CEOs say that net profit
has been improved due to digital

A Digital Transformation Platform is required to start with your company digitalization. Companies embracing digital transformation can adapt to any technology disruption or leverage any market change. Still, these are the ones that stand out from the competition.

Comidor low-code Digital Transformation Platform can walk you through building of custom-made enterprise applications that can adapt fast and securely.

33% of top-performing organizations in private and public sectors spend a great amount of their IT budget in digitalization in 2017 – this will turn to 43% by 2018 according to a global survey of CIOs by Gartner.

Creating a workflow with Comidor

Build powerful applications quickly.

With Digital Transformation Platform, you enhance the current IT infrastructure with new technology tools.
Succeeding in the digital era takes a few time, but with custom made applications, you may drive success in your business processes and reveal transformational benefits of automation.

See the real change
in your business

Business Process Management Analytics

Schedule repetitive
processes. Make processing
time faster.

Business Process Management Repetition

Improve your cross-team
and raise
productivity by 25%.

Workflow Designer

Workflow applications can be maintained, improved and fast-extended no matter their complexity and number of people or teams collaborating.

Experiencing difficulties adapting changes and digital disruption?
Is your business affected from delays and long processing times?

Quick creation of user forms with custom user fields help you graphically represent a procedure with a specific workflow. Comidor Workflows adapt with BPMN 2.0 industry standard, giving the steps where stakeholders, teams and systems run under specific roles that fit your company. Workflow applications can be maintained, revisited and expanded while time passes and needs change.

Quick deployment of new forms can be implemented from end-users, as well, due to user-friendly interface. Combination of low-code development and effective business process management in a common platform is game-changing and stands you out from the crowd.

One platform. To digitally transform your
business and solve business issues.

Collaborative environments demand people and processes integration.

Design processes to increase efficiency in your work environment.

Comidor can boost productivity and digitally transform business processes across all departments of your organization. Get rid of traditional paper processes that suffer from standardization and modernize every-day work in a low-code platform. Comidor BPM, enhanced with people management, enterprise collaboration, project management and sales automation features helps your business hit the target of digital transformation.

Connecting information was never so easy!

BPM in Human Resources

HR is involved in multiple processes that adhere to decisions that are made either across departments or within the People Management department. Comidor BPM helps HR teams manage information visibility, reduce errors by following current policies and have a 360o review of each personnel.

  • Skills, roles & job titles management are applied perfectly in job posting. Later, teams can utilize job applications with employee recruiting and selection based on the all above.
  • Personnel onboarding and offboarding with automated approval workflows that assist on schedule, costs, entitlement creation and employee profile and documents management.
  • Absence requests that follow an automated approval workflow, give decision makers an instant frontage of pending work and compliance information.
  • Utilization timecards and analytics dashboard track performance of personnel based on the real-time data. Performance measurement can be implemented with internal peer review surveys.
  • Internal compliance trainings with meeting minutes, participation tracking and comments help team leaders on documenting employee profile.
Absence Management Dashboard

BPM in Operations

During the day-to-day operations, employees within teams cope with difficulties and conduct activities to achieve business goals, within a standardized or more flexible framework. What is important in operations, is track current state and get a view on the potential following actions in order to make split decisions on the right time. More or less, using simple workflows can translate complex processes into automated work that endorses effective across and within teams’ collaboration and eliminates errors.

Bpm features in Operations
  • Process routing shows all the available options to see the previous and following available steps that are included in a generic procedure, e.g. procurement, accounting, production.
  • Schedule processes with the requested repetitive scenario and minimize turnaround times.
  • Document management and approval within the automated process ensures the prosperous delivery of information in the most optimized time.
  • Task approvals and notifications force team collaboration and insures that everyone is aware of any change and progress.
  • Real-time reports are taken automatically through these processes that are adhere to that specific workflow.
  • Risk management and compliance can be tracked within the automated process in order to be ensured that proper channels and techniques are followed.
  • Schedule repetitive Events that occur under a specific time period, like all-hands meetings.


Usually processes that are handled from IT departments comprehend a specific scenario case. Sometimes, these cases arrive in forms of a user story. An example case may be a service request from internal or external, which most of the time follows a specific procedure, e.g. feature request, question. On the other hand, in an issue case a more flexible procedure is followed. Similarly, in the cases where research should be conducted in order to take results or decide upon a matter, elastic procedures are preferred.

  • Respond quickly on external help desk requests using already automated Ticketing system, which helps you minimize response time, track communication threads and provide improved customer service.
  • Handle effectively internal help desk requests using Issue tracker system, where appropriate people are informed depending on the case type and collaborate with ad-hoc tasks upon incident resolution or question response. Automate these cases’ rules and policies using Process Templates.
  • Communicate below each case, track progress and measure ticket & issue close rates.
Bpm for IT

BPM in Sales and Marketing

Business Success is reliant on the successful marketing. Marketing consists of successful advertising, campaigns, sales and of course, strong relationship establishment with the customers.

Bpm for Marketing
  • Benefit from the campaign templates creation and automate pre-campaign work with workflows.
  • Send effective marketing campaigns and measure results automatically from Comidor inside.
  • Embrace the chance of surveying leads and customers by building custom-made forms. Send them directly to them and size the results up.
  • Easy automated conversion from lead to customer and opportunity creation.
  • Opportunity management with automated work is the key to successful account management.