Application Marketplace

People Management


  • Tailor the ready Dismissal / Retirement application to your business, in order to keep track of all employee terminations that take place in your company. All involved teams can co-operate easily in each case.


  • With this business app you can easily submit a job post and start the recruitment process for one or more candidates. Also, you can monitor the status and percentage of completion of all candidates’ job applications in one place.


  • The On-Boarding process for a new employee can now be completed in significantly less time. You can link this process with the new employee (Personnel), the recruitment process and other Comidor entities, in order to have all the relevant information gathered together.

Personnel Evaluation

  • Use this app to create questionnaires to measure personnel performance and get instant feedback quickly and easily. Gain knowledge on current employee relations, work satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Sales Automation

E-mail Campaign Generation

  • Create the marketing campaign content and run the campaign process in order to promote new products/services, send seasonal updates and maintain relations with your market groups. 

Website Content Creation

  • This app allows you to assign tasks to copywriters and graphic designers in order to complete content. Subsequently, you can upload it to your website and social media accounts.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Create questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction quickly and easily. Evaluate client satisfaction with the services/products your company offers and understand the strenghts and weaknesses of the current strategy model.

General Processes

Document Approval

  • With this workflow, you can automate, streamline, and standardise the whole process of routing a document or another item stored in a shared point to one or more people for their approval or rejection.

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order is a ready-to-use application, where you can keep all purchase order requests in one place. Through its linked workflow, you can outline the important tasks that must be carried out to execute a potential purchase within your business step-by-step.

Supply Chain – Logistics

Supplier Evaluation Survey

  • Use this app for evaluations by your supplier. Questionnaires can improve the supplier-related process and boost the collaboration between the suppliers and your company. Get real time visual Survey results with graphs, charts etc.

Order Management

  • With the order management app, you can keep track of the orders that come into your company. It includes all tasks, documents, and information that will pass from one team member to another through the organisation, and enables real-time communication with suppliers and customers.

Accounting and Finance


  • Use this app to keep track of your income. Understand the flow of money in your organisation with visual comparisons of your income in different fiscal years.


  • Control the 100% outflow of financial records with Comidor. Monitor the amount of money allocated to the different departments of your company.


  • Use this app to reach revenue targets by planning and forecasting potential income and expenses, and set up your budget.