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Comidor Partners are considered to be an invaluable part of our structure: an extension of ourselves in the area in which they operate. Together, we provide reliable solutions to organisations, adding value to their everyday operations.

Comidor provides you with a Unique Selling Proposition, as it is the Next Generation BPM Platform on the market, and it is designed to help you bring realistic results to your customers, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Comidor, as a Next-Generation BPM Platform, demonstrates the following 7 characteristics:

The Next Generation BPM Platform for Digital Transformation


This engine helps companies map, optimize and automate all kinds of processes, irrespective of the industry in which they operate.


We provide a wide range of enterprise collaboration tools.


Create amazingly intelligent apps with no programming skills.


Real-time performance metrics (KPIs) that allow data-driven decisions


Customised business apps for any process (Accounting & Finance, HRM, SCM, Sales and Marketing, etc).


Connects with almost any existing system or database in the organization.


This environment allows users to create any kind of application to serve their needs or customise any existing application. It is available from Comidor market.

Become a Comidor Partner

Join the Comidor BPM Partner Program that rewards your customers with an improved performance for their business. Build revenues for your business and meet your customers’ individual needs and demands with Comidor’s top-of-the-line functionality and cutting-edge technology platform. Our Program creates Value-Added Partners, who offer their clients a cost effective and all-encompassing software suite, enhancing their role as a trusted advisor and a valued associate.

Our dedicated and experienced team – technical, training, sales and marketing – will be at your service to assist you in all your efforts to create product awareness, answer questions, close deals, promote services and deliver results. We are committed to providing our partners with all the resources they need in order to enjoy the benefits of Comidor, and make it a vital part of their everyday business. In turn, partners help Comidor increase its awareness, innovation and worldwide success.

Value-added services for partners

Comidor provides partners with a wide range of resources to help them drive successful implementations to customers in different sectors that will allow them to enter the digital transformation era and succeed in their field.

Partner Benefits

Increase your value, become autonomous, design your own action plan: Comidor becomes YOUR product that you can adjust, expand, design, modify and apply according to YOUR client’s needs. The power is in your hands and you always have full control of your business.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Comidor:

Take advantage of our Commission scheme!
The more users, the higher your commission and discount!

All Comidor leads are distributed to our partners based on geographic location and partner expertise. Target more industries, address more business sectors, and contact more business fields.

Create or develop new business profit centres by offering a wide range of services to your clients: reselling, customising, integrating, marketplace apps, training, renewal fees, cloud-to-server migrations and distributorship opportunities.

Undeniable value-added benefits, including highlighting your role as a ‘trusted advisor’ to your client and not just as a ‘software retailer’. The market’s Next Generation BPM Platform, with its superior functionality features and key product characteristics, is an invaluable addition to your portfolio. Add value to your clients and engage them for long-term relationships. Stand out from the competition and differentiate yourselves with an innovation business software solution that is designed to provide a ‘holistic approach’ to your client.

Become part of the Comidor community and share your expertise with other partners. Enjoy the benefits of the platform along with colleagues for free. Collaborate with an Accounts Manager that will help you get acquainted with the platform and the Comidor Business Model, and help you move forward with your projects. Get full technical support from our dedicated team and full training services from our committed professionals. Gain access to Sales and Marketing materials (videos, documentation, presentations, live demos, banners etc.) that will help you market Comidor in your own territory.

Partnership Program

The Partnership Program covers a wide range of possibilities. It addresses IT/ Business Consulting firms, Software distributors, Digital Transformation experts, Business Process Management experts and freelancers that know the market! The partnership agreement is valid for 1 year and is automatically renewed.

  • Commissions and Discounts depend upon the revenue achieved
  • Exclusivity is negotiated only under certain conditions

Find the one that fits you best!

Comidor Consultants

As a Comidor Consultant you will introduce Comidor to companies that are searching for a business software suite, and in return, you receive a referring fee. There are numerous enterprises with demands that require customised solutions looking for integrated solutions in order to meet their operational needs and improve their performance. A Comidor Consultant Partner links these companies with us, creates the initial awareness of Comidor, and also associates the benefits and characteristics of our software with the company’s current software status and structure.

A Comidor Consultant Partner receives a basic fee from the first year’s invoiced sums, whereas our team bears the costs of selling, closing, implementing and servicing the companies that the Partner refers. This is a very simple and basic type of partnership model and works as an introductory stage to the next level of partnership in which the mutual commitment and degree of loyalty become greater.

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Official Comidor Partner

This is a unique opportunity to generate opportunities and build revenues for your business, by selling Comidor to businesses of all sizes and in all fields. Add Comidor to your provided solutions and promote this powerful technology suite to your clients. By including Comidor in your product portfolio, you gain value-added benefits and your clients get access to a cost-effective and innovative business tool that helps them grow faster, overcome challenges and improve the quality of their business! Official Comidor Partner status requires sufficient product knowledge and a close working relationship with us to deliver Comidor to customers successfully. Take advantage of this partnership model with a single, flexible solution that provides your clients with customized applications and integrated tools.

An Official Comidor Partner receives a business discount from the Comidor price list and also enjoys technical training and sales and marketing support from our side, in order to deliver results in the best possible way. Selling, customizing, integrating, and training are all income streams for the Official Comidor Partner who can expand their business and grow significantly!

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Comidor Integrator Partner

A Comidor Integrator Partner is an IT consulting firm with a strong software development team that can work as an Integrator Partner. This kind of partnership requires advanced product knowledge, strong mutual commitment and a high-level of expertise. The Integrator Partner will be able to integrate the Comidor platform, either with their own system to be sold as an add-on, or with any kind of system that the client demands, in order to provide them with a fully-customisable solution that addresses their needs and specifications. Additionally, the Integrator Partner offers its clients full support and development services, creating a whole new income stream. Comidor, together with Cirano Suite upon which they can build their own applications and sell them to their customers, becomes their own product and they can take full advantage of its capabilities.

A Comidor Integrator Partner willreceive full training and support from our technical team that will help them to understand the platform’s rich functionality and capabilities. A Comidor Integrator Partner will have a dedicated Accounts Manager who will work closely with them in order to satisfy their customer’s needs.  A Comidor Integrator Partner uses the rich functionality of Comidor’s development platform for the benefit of their customers and proposes whatever adjustments, modifications or custom-made solutions that best fit their client’s strategy and objectives. Comidor offers limitless software capabilities and endless tool variations which an expert in the field, such as the Comidor Integrator Partner, can understand and promote. The Comidor Integrator Partner considers Comidor a core part of their business and has undertaken significant sales and consulting engagements.

A Comidor Integrator Partner receives a business discount from the Comidor price list and also earns significant commissions, calculated according to the users that they bring on board. Additionally, we offer full technical, training and sales and marketing support from our side in order to deliver results in the best possible way. Selling, customising, integrating, and training are all income streams for the Comidor Integrator Partner who is totally independent, can expand their business and product portfolio and grow significantly.

Comidor becomes THEIR product that they can sell to THEIR clients.

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Comidor Business Development Partner

A Comidor Business Development Partnership consists of the following:

  1. Continuous help in Comidor Brand Awareness: Working together on user/business acquisition, enhancement of user/business engagement in the area, marketing and selling Comidor in the dedicated area.
  2. Strengthening our ties with existing partner networks and creating new ones that will promote the product in the market.
  3. Increasing our customer portfolio in the area via B2B services.
  4. Helping Comidor teams configure the right customer profile.
  5. Performing SWOT analysis for the target market.
  6. Enhancing our public image and increasing market exposure.

The Comidor Business Development Partner will gain advanced product knowledge and full training and support from our technical and sales & marketing team. The Comidor Business Development Partner considers Comidor a core part of their business and has undertaken significant sales and consulting engagements.

A Comidor Business Development Partner receives a business discount from the Comidor price list and also earns significant commissions, calculated  according to the users that they bring on board. A Comidor Business Development Partner is totally independent, expands their business and product portfolio and grows significantly, together with Comidor!

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