A Partnership to us means a cooperation with a company in order to provide reliable solutions to organizations toghether. Comidor provides you with a range of software tools and business applications that are designed to help you bring realistic results to your customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Join the Comidor Partner Program that rewards your customers with higher performance of their business. Build revenues for your business and meet your customers' individual needs and demands with Comidor’s top-of-the-line functionality and cutting-edge technology platform. Our Program creates Value-Added Partners who offer their clients a cost – effective and all – encompassing software suite, enhancing their role as a trusted advisor and a valued associate.

Our dedicated and experienced team - technical, training, sales and marketing – will be at your service and assist you in all your efforts to create product awareness, answer questions, close deals, promote services and deliver results. We are committed to providing our partners with all the resources they need in order to enjoy the benefits Comidor and make it a vital part of their everyday business.


Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Comidor :
  • A unified solution that fits to businesses of all sizes and all fields
  • Business software with a technical profile that is NOT directly comparable with any other software due to its superior functionality features and key product characteristics
  • Business software with a pricing profile that IS directly comparable with other products that have less features or offer fewer benefits
  • Undeniable value-added benefits highlighting your role as a "trusted advisor" to your client and not just as a "software reseller"
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing tools
  • Cloud and self-hosted (on premise) versions
  • Target more industries, address more business sectors, contact more business fields
  • Monetary rewards to build your revenue and profitability
  • Stand out from competition and differentiate yourselves with an innovative business software solution that is designed to provide a "holistic approach" to your client.
  • Promote a custom – based, integrated solution and not standard, package-oriented software.
  • Get full technical support from our dedicated team and full training services from our committed professionals
  • Multiple revenue centers - reselling, customizing, integrating, marketplace apps, training, renewal fees, cloud-to-server migrations, distributorship opportunities
  • All Comidor leads are distributed to our partners based on geographic location and partner expertise
  • Get many networking opportunities, valuable hints and updates, insights and guidance from our sales and marketing team experts to expand your business and access markets
  • Meet your client’s individual demands and operational needs and create a business environment of trust, loyalty and long-term affiliation
  • Gain value, become autonomous, design your own action plan: Comidor becomes YOUR product that you can adjust, expand, design, modify and apply according to YOUR client’s needs. The power is in your hands and you have full control of your business.


  • 1. Comidor Silver Partner – Initial and Reference Stage

At this level, the partner introduces Comidor to companies that are searching for a business software suite and in return they receive a reference fee. There are numerous enterprises that have customized demands which are looking for integrated solutions in order to meet their operational needs and improve their performance. A Silver Partner links these companies with us, creates the initial awareness of Comidor, and also associates the benefits and characteristics of our suite with the company’s current software status and structure.

A Silver Partner receives a basic fee of the first year’s invoiced amounts, whereas our team bears the costs of selling, closing, implementing and servicing the companies that the Partner refers. This is a very simple and basic type of partnership model and can work as an introductory stage to the next level of partnership where the mutual commitment and degree of loyalty are greater.

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  • 2. Comidor Gold Partner – Business and Reseller Stage

This is a unique opportunity to generate opportunities and build revenues for your business by selling Comidor to businesses of all sizes and in all fields. Add Comidor to your provided solution offerings and promote this powerful technology suite to your clients. By including Comidor in your product portfolio, you gain value-added benefits and your clients get access to a cost-effective and innovative business tool that helps them grow more, face challenges and improve the delivered quality. Gold Partner status requires sufficient product knowledge and a close working relationship with us to deliver Comidor to customers successfully. Take advantage of such a partnership model with a single, flexible solution that provides your clients with customized applications and integrated tools.

A Gold Partner receives a business discount from the Comidor price list and also enjoys technical, training and sales and marketing support from our side in order to deliver results in the best possible way. Selling, customizing, integrating, and training are all profit centers for the Silver Partner who can expand their business and grow significantly!

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  • 3. Comidor Platinum Partner – Specialist and Affiliation Stage

At this stage, our partner becomes a Platinum Partner and gains the ability to implement, consult and serve clients using all Comidor solutions. This stage requires advanced product knowledge, a strong mutual commitment and a high level of expertise. A Platinum Partner is in the position to design, optimize and customize the way Comidor is implemented.

Our relationship with such a partner exceeds the typical limits of the standard Partner-Supplier frames: we consider our cooperation more an affiliation to which long-term loyalty and business commitment principles have been applied. At this level, our partner uses the rich functionality of Comidor’s development platform for the benefit of his customers and proposes whatever adjustments, modifications or custom-made solutions that best fit their client’s strategy and objectives. Comidor offers limitless software capabilities and endless tool variations that an expert professional such as the Platinum Partner can understand and promote. The Platinum Partner considers Comidor a core part of their business and has undertaken significant sales and consulting engagements.

The Platinum Partner enjoys greater discounts, can definitively differentiate themselves from the competition and can be recognized by both Comidor and customers as a Comidor Specialist: they fully control their business and in their hands, Comidor becomes THEIR product that they can sell to THEIR clients.

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Our partners are a very important part of our company’s overall growth strategy. We are committed to these relationships and we value our partner’s insights into what customers want and need from business software solutions.

The Comidor Partner Program is designed for any company, newly created or already established, that can promote business software applications to its customers such as Comidor. IT companies, software resellers, business consulting firms, technical teams and software developers are all welcome to join forces with us and take advantage of Comidor’s top-of-the-line functionality and cutting-edge technology platform in order to benefit their clients.

Comidor’s integrated environment and customized options provide the business with valuable diversity and versatility features in an affordable way. Partners are equipped with a single, flexible solution to manage clients of any size in any field: from startup firms or small companies to large corporations and big enterprises.


Becoming a Comidor partner is easy.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the Comidor Partner Program.