Enterprise Collaboration, BPM Software, Workflow Automation and Low-code Development

Enterprise Collaboration, Project Management, BPM Software and Low-code

Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
smartly connects people, things, data and processes
to provide a unique user experience and unparalleled business agility

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The future belongs to the fast

Agile Digital Business Transformation means the journey to a more digital, intelligent and flexible state. Traditional BPM Software has focused on improving business efficiency and productivity; however, businesses today are using modern BPM Platforms to drive Digital Transformation.

Comidor Intelligent Low-code BPM Platform provides model design, real-time insights, optimization and decision-making tools. Additionally, it helps business leaders, business process administrators and IT solution managers to improve their business outcomes through process re-engineering and transformation.

Comidor makes the Digital Transformation faster, easier and smoother and challenges traditional BPM Software with:

  • Lower TCO
  • Better ROI
  • Less IT Involvement and
  • Faster Outcomes.

The 7 layers of Comidor architecture

The 7 layers of Comidor architecture