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Enterprise applications, integration and low-code development
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Comidor as a digital business enabler

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Agile Business Process Management

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Streamline business processes with a low-code platform

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Prepare your organization for the digital future.
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Choose the installation type that meets your needs and addresses your security concerns.

Comidor advanced technology makes all applications available in a public or private cloud environment as well as in on-premises or hybrid installations.

Choose the installation type that meets your needs

Comidor components

Multi-channel Communication

E-mail integration allows you to connect and manage any number of e-mail accounts. Connect with your colleagues with internal instant messaging, or using the friendly text chat or the video conferencing tool.

Enterprise Task Management

Comidor fully-interactive calendar assists in tasks’ and assignments’ monitoring, offering multiple calendar views, advanced filtering, smart notifications, task repetition, task automation and more.

Document Management

Create, delete, update, upload, download, lock, share, tag, link and keep versions of any document or file. Store the file system on any private or public Cloud using any popular Cloud file service

Content and Knowledge

Maintain records with create, update, tag, comment and rate options, link records creating relations, effectively communicate ideas and use embedded Wikis to share knowledge with your colleagues.

Business Processes Management

Manage effectively your business processes to expedite the handling of a problem, claim, request, proposal, service, maintenance, development, production or any other complex activity.

Workflow Automation and Management

Automate Business Processes and improve reliability and performance of your business operations with Comidor Workflows. Design easily and effectively Workflows no matter how complex they are.

Notifications, patterns and scenarios

Create your own notification system to ensure you are promptly informed of any change. Create task or process patterns and repetition scenarios to simulate processes.

People and Asset Management

Configure and track your workload accumulation at all times. Monitor the availability of personnel and equipment. Reduce the administrative risks associated with staff leaves of absence.

Project planning and Gantt chart

With Gantt chart project designer tool, you can easily define starting time and duration of any project phase and scheduled task, set milestones and dependencies and draw the critical path.

Requirements and Deliverables

Exploit Gantt chart to define the list of requirements for each work schedule and assign them to multiple elements of your WBS. Set documents-deliverables for each phase and track delivery time.

Resource Planning and Utilization

Allocate multiple resources to tasks and team schedules. Track your workload accumulation at all times at project and enterprise levels. Comidor KanBan board allows team-leaders monitor progress.

Project Accounting

Project accounting help you track all financial information that is involved in a process, such as budgets, costs, billing and payments, at each project stage, providing full reporting and analytics.

Leads and Opportunity Management

Create complete profiles for your leads and closely monitor your potential deals, set targets and deadlines, assign and prioritize tasks, send proposals and analyze the competition.

Marketing activities

Design your CRM campaigns, execute them, record responses and collect valuable statistics. View and search tweets, connect your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and monitor your website traffic.

Complete Sales Management

List and categorize your Products and Services and maintain pricing lists. Complete sales process including quotation, proposal and contract management as well as ordering and billing.

Reports, Analytics and Graphs

Comidor offers a wide range of predefined sales reports and analytics. Use the Pipeline Chart to compare won opportunities vs lost ones. Check Sales Funnel Chart to review the sales process.


Build an organizational chart to create a virtual map of your enterprise, define user's hierarchy and roles, design workflows to simulate your operations, set notification and alert mechanism.


Email and social media integration, File storage and Document integration, Task and Contact integration, Project management integration, External and hybrid database connectivity.


System administration and utilities, Database schema design, Application unit modeling, Cloud programming editor, Server scripting language, Report and Widget builder, Web services

24h Support

Support center 24X7, Email support, Telephone support, Online chat, Video conference, Quick Guides, How-to implementations, Best practices and approaches, Training methodologies

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