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Business Management Software

Business Management Software as a Platform

Integrated Business Apps + Interfacing Tools + Development Environment in a Framework


Comidor is a business cloud software suite that seamlessly integrates corporate applications with customization and interfacing tools, on a cutting edge development platform...

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Business Management Software as a Platform

Integrated Business Apps + Interfacing Tools + Development Environment
in a Framework

Comidor Solutions

Small companies

Startups and Small Companies

All the applications you need in a unified and affordable solution.

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Medium Companies

Medium-Sized Companies

Improve your performance and enhance your efficiency with rich application functionality and powerful integration tools.

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Large enterprises

Large Enterprises and Corporations

Optimize your operations and improve your flexibility with Comidor’s customized environment, utilizing our state-of-the-art development platform.

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Academia & NGOs

Academia and NGOs

Education, Technology, Social Responsibility and Operations all in one place.

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EC - Enterprise Collaboration

Organizational Chart & Company Structure

Build an organizational chart to create a virtual map of your enterprise’s physical hierarchy .

Task Management & Interactive Calendar

Comidor offers a fully-interactive calendar to assist users in monitoring their tasks and work assignments.

Enterprise Email & Instant Messaging

Integrated e-mail allows you to connect and manage any number of e-mail accounts and offers you a unique and complete messaging system.

Text Chat & Video Conferencing

Comidor offers a user friendly text chat and video conferencing tool through WebRTC technology for high-quality video streaming.

Users & Personnel

Administrators can add or de-activate users and edit the settings for the personnel data, authorization levels, access rights and Comidor functionality for each individual user.

Account & Contact Management

Manage your contacts and accounts, maintain complete profiles (contact details, social media links, logos, etc.), define key account managers and more.

Document Management System

A fully integrated system, covering users’ needs in creating, deleting, storing, updating, locking and logging documents and files in any format.

Enterprise Content & Knowledge Management

Maintain records with create, update, link, tag and rate options, communicate ideas and use embedded Wikis to share knowledge with your colleagues.

BPM - Process Management

Business Processes & Workflows

Manage all your processes effectively to expedite the handling of a problem, claim, request, proposal, development or any other complex activity.

Complete To-Do Dashboard

The Dashboard gathers and categorizes all your personal, group or corporate actions and information of interest so you never miss a thing!

Leave & Absence Management

The system will help you reduce the administrative difficulties and project risks associated with staff leave and absences.

Timesheets & Workload Management

Timesheet workload schemes allow you to configure workloads for different groups of employees, and for different groups of tasks or projects.

Role-Based Access & Collaboration

Process access, execution and monitoring based on user hierarchy and roles. The system encourages the users involved to collaborate to achieve better results.

Smart Notifications & Working Scenarios

Create your own notification system to ensure you are promptly informed of any change. Create task and process patterns as well as repetition scenarios.

Forms Designer & Chained Forms

Design forms for distribution to your employees or your customers to get valuable feedback. Define a form workflow to maximize process consistency.

Business Objectives & KPI Management

Comidor provides business owners and managers with the framework for defining strategic goals and objectives and measuring performance.

PM - Project Management

Project Planning & Gantt Chart

With Gantt chart designer, you can display the time and duration of any scheduled task, define milestones and dependencies and set the critical path.

Requirements & Deliverables

Exploit Gantt chart to define the list of requirements for each work schedule and assign them to multiple elements of your WBS.

Resource Planning & Asset Utilization

Allocate multiple resources to tasks and team schedules. Track your workload accumulation at all times at project and enterprise levels.

Project Accounting

Project accounting tracks all of the financial information involved in a process, such as budgets, costs, billing and payments, at each project stage.

CRM - Sales Automation

Leads & Opportunities

Create complete profiles for your leads and closely monitor your potential deals, set targets and deadlines, assign tasks and analyze the competition.

Sales Funnel & Pipelines

Review the Pipeline Chart to compare your won opportunities with lost opportunities. Check the Sales Funnel Chart to understand potential bottlenecks in the sales process.

Campaigns & Surveys

Design your CRM campaigns that is suitable to your specific market, compile and collect valuable statistics so that your next campaign will be even more successful.

Website Analytics & Social Media

View and search tweets, connect your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and track and monitor your website traffic easily with Comidor.

Products & Pricelists

List and categorize your Products and Services and maintain pricing lists. Create similar lists for competitive products and outsmart your competition.

Quotation & Contract Management

Complete quotation, proposal and contract management, fully integrated with the sales process exactly what you need to turn your opportunities into deals.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial Transactions

Maintain budgeting and forecasting data, compare them with transactions and compile statistics. Filter, categorize, summarize and link with any other data.

Reports & Analytics

Comidor offers a wide range of predefined reports and analytics to make your life easier when it comes to reporting, data analysis or even data mining.

Comidor Interfacing Tools

Email Integration

Email integration is critical to corporate functions, so Comidor integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! and IMAP-based email servers.

File Storage Integration

With file integration you can connect and manage your Dropbox, Google Docs, Box or Oracle Docs folders and files directly through Comidor.

Document Integration

Comidor features a native viewer for quick preview of any document with a variety of applications such as MS office, LibreOffice, Acrobat Reader, etc.

Task & Contact Integration

Integration with various popular task and contact administration apps provides an easy way to transfer the available data into the Comidor environment.

Project Management Integration

Some valuable project data on Microsoft Project? No problem with Comidor Project integration tools.

Social Media Integration

Rich integration capabilities with Twitter (compose new tweet and more), LinkedIn (search and create connections and accounts) and Facebook.

Business Intelligence Integration

Complete integration mechanism with Oracle BI, #1 BI Suite for Cloud.

External and Hybrid Database Connectivity

Connect your SQL and non-SQL Databases to Comidor and get access to any External Datasource no matter where is located.

Comidor Cloud IDE

System Administration & Utilities

Cloud and server properties, user administration, audit logger, event manager, portal administration, application framework administration.

Database Schema Design

Manage database connections, create relational schemas, define tables, columns and indexes, create and populate lists and lookups.

Application Unit Modeling

Orchestrate all application XML files through design and modeling tools, such as application diagram, data modeling tools such as diagrams, page editors, etc.

Cloud Programming Editor

Edit SQL Querys, Javascript, HTML, XML, platform server scripts and text resources using a single editor.

Application Repository Service

Use 'Agora' to find and use any functional module that fits your needs.

Server Scripting Language

Create application logic through a powerful low-code scripting language. Commands, procedures, actions and java methods in a single environment.

Report & Widget Builder

Creating intelligent reports has never been easier. Explore the powerful dynamic Report Builder to retrieve, filter, group and display data.

Web Services Management

Use the Web Services module to create and invoke SOAP Web services and XML over REST to interchange data with any data source.


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