Enterprise Collaboration, BPM Software, Workflow Automation and Low-code Development

Enterprise Collaboration, Project Management, BPM Software and Low-code

Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
smartly connects people, things, data and processes
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The future belongs to the fast

Agile Digital Business Transformation means the journey to a more digital, intelligent and flexible state. Traditional BPM Software has focused on improving business efficiency and productivity, but businesses today are using modern BPM Platforms to drive Digital Transformation.

Comidor Intelligent Low-code BPM Platform provide model design, real-time insights, optimization and decision making tools helping business leaders, business process administrators and IT solution managers to improve business outcomes through process re-engineering and transformation.

Comidor make the Digital Transformation faster, easier and smoother and challenges traditional BPM Software with lower TCO, better ROI, less IT Involvement and faster outcomes.

The 7 layers of Comidor architecture

The 7 layers of Comidor architecture