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Enterprise Collaboration

Comidor Collaboration
  • Task management
  • Activity stream
  • File management
  • Contacts / Accounts Management
  • Workflows
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Comidor CRM
  • Pipeline / Sales Funnel
  • Website analytics
  • Opportunity management
  • Social integration
  • Budgeting
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Project Management

Comidor Project management
  • Resource Planning
  • Critical Path method
  • Gantt Charts
  • KanBan Tool
  • Schedule/Task Management
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Tips to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

Tips to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

It seems quite interesting and challenging, doesn’t it? ROI is a really simple to understand indicator for decision making and the simplicity of the formula makes it easy to choose variables to calculate any kind of cost components....

Sales and Marketing

4 key tips for better collaboration in sales

4 key tips for better collaboration in sales

Collaboration is really difficult to be achieved, especially in the extremely competitive environment of sales...

Project Management

KanBan Best Practices

KanBan Best Practices

When Taiichi Ohno first designed this board to improve and maintain Toyota’s production in a high level, I am sure that he couldn’t imagine that this board will be used from almost all kind of businesses...

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