Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Streamline sales processes, automate related tasks and close the deal
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Supporting your people and your sales department, in Industry 4.0. Comidor Sales Force Automation is designed to significantly reduce the sale cycle, by empowering your talented people, with a 360° customer view.


Advanced filters allow you to map your audience and connect with your ideal prospect today.


Target and engage with your ideal prospects with in-platform digital campaigns and mapped processes.


Comidor Saleforce Automation will act on your based rules processes and task automation and provide you with engaged leads.

Comidor Sales Force provides all the tools to initiate and successfully complete repetitive Sales cycles

  • Accounts/Clients/ Partners/ Suppliers/ Competitors are all managed with Comidor Saleforce, in one rich user interface, with detailed past activity, notes, documents, email threads and BPM processes, all in one place.
  • Contacts, one of the most important stakeholders in your B2B or B2C sale plan, are interactively identified, linked and presented along with their proper lead or opportunity.

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Getting started with Marketing Automation? 

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Lead Management & Pipelines

  • Create complete profiles for your leads and closely monitor your potential deals, set targets and deadlines, assign and prioritize tasks, send proposals and analyse the competition
  • Prioritise your actions and focus on your potential clients by using the pipeline functionality
  • Identify the necessary steps that will upgrade a lead to an opportunity
  • Decide and classify which stages of the sale process require higher attention, focusing and channeling your team’s productivity, towards sales cycle optimisation

Boost impact on sales by automating your marketing activities!

Create Profitable Opportunities

  • Opportunities can be created by converting Leads to Accounts, with all collected data transferred safely, during the conversion
  • Analysis not paralysis, with data streams available over the full sale processes, including approach, conversion and acquisition of clients.
  • Mobile Access functionality, provides your teams with everything on hand, at any time & any place
  • Monitor the tasks, which are associated with your opportunities or accounts (customers, vendors and partners), in a timesheet view. Filter opportunities and accounts by status, filter tasks by type and state and get a meaningful visualisation of the workload related to each of your CRM entities
  • List and categorise your products and services and maintain pricing lists. Complete sales process including quotation, proposal and contract management as well as ordering and billing
  • A wide range of predefined sales reports and analytics is available. Use the Pipeline Chart to compare won opportunities vs lost ones. Check Sales Funnel Chart to review the sales process

Need to ensure marketing success?

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Control your Customer’s Journey

  • Site analytics provide a state of the art website monitoring tool, developed in-house, where you can set up scenarios, check events’ occurrence and finally add automated actions on your site via scripts
  • Event metrics Dashboard, makes it possible to understand each visitor’s website navigation behavior, over a requested period
  • Funneling results, a visual tool available to you, when comparing different instances over time
  • Tickets creation not only is it simple and quick, but also with full traceability

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Campaign Planning, Execution & Monitoring

  • Target your SFA campaigns to specific market segments with the use of sophisticated filters (geographical, industry sector, seniority etc.)
  • Categorise your marketing campaigns and plan the exact time of their execution
  • Collect valuable statistics (i.e. how many recipients opened your campaign email) so that your next SFA campaign will be even more successful
  • Eliminate repeatable tasks by using Campaign templates

Campaign Management | Sales Force Automation | Sales Automation Process | BPM Platform | Comidor

Collaborative Environment with Notification | Sales Force Automation | BPM Platform | Comidor

Collaborative Environment with Smart Notifications

  • Take advantage of the integrated enterprise collaboration tools, to keep in contact with your sales peers, easily and quickly
  • Use the quick notification tool to promptly alert your peers
  • Choose whether you need to notify user(s) and group(s), while having the option to exclude members of a group
  • Option available to notify non-Comidor users, by adding recipient’s e-mail
  • After that, define the level of privacy of your notification (private, public, etc)