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Imagine having one place where you can manage all your teams, track work, communicate and share content – then put your business inside it.


Bring together all communication channels, from internal messages to discussion boards and chat/video conferencing.


Keep information organized, updated and easy to obtain.


Improve your task management system and the way your teams collaborate with workgroups and shared content.

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Build Effective Teams

  • Organizational Chart to virtually map your enterprise hierarchy and seamlessly let information flow amongst personnel tagging in company, affiliate and virtual groups.
  • To – do list for productive team collaboration.
  • External users can take part in your business operations.
  • Workforce monitoring with Application Rights to choose authorization level and access rights per user.
  • Personnel segmentation with leave management features and timesheets.

Organizational Chart | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Business Processes | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

Communicate Faster than ever

  • E-mail client with multiple E-mail integration.
  • E-mails & internal messaging with full functionality (creating new, forward, reply, delete, link, attach, merge etc.)
  • E-mail Templates, drafts and scheduling capabilities to help you spend less time sending Emails.
  • New connected issues, tasks, records, notes via E-mail.
  • Chat & HQ Video Conferencing from peer-to-peer to groups using WebRTC technology.
  • Push notifications & reminders for tasks, e-mail-messages and upon any change or comment in the notifications bar.

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Share Information Safely

  • Topics & discussion boards for discussions relating to a specific matter.
  • Document management system allows teams to share folders and files with other users and/or teams, preview them online, lock them or trace back to an older version.
  • DMS integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.
  • Knowledge management forums that enable user to share things of interest with colleagues and personal notes to share with specific peers.
  • Enhanced CMS with records, filters, tags, indexed general search mechanism and importing options.

Files Collaboration | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Account Records | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

Get a 360° view of your Accounts

  • Account & contact management with Geolocation maps.
  • Internal discussions and documents to keep teams updated.
  • Full activity history of each account and contact adjustment.
  • Timesheets & reports with advanced filtering enabling the user to check work associated with each account.
  • Connected customer communications, pending, active or completed related processes and results are all available to access quickly.
  • Importing of contacts.

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Ditch paper Processes

  • Generic processes with the capturing and recording of the process category, role-based access and changing of rights and accountability.
  • Process planning with Gantt chart and task creation enabling the division of work into sub-processes and tasks.
  • Use Comidor task management tools for personal, group tasks, work assignments and multiple orders.
  • Process prioritization and scheduling features to mark process state, timeframe and status and the organisation of the order of tasks.
  • Event Management to organize and monitor your event’s capacity and planning.

Event Management | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

Schedule Calendar | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor

Schedule Work for maximum productivity

  • Repetitive tasks to plan work the smarter way.
  • Reminders via notifications/e-mails/SMS per process and task.
  • Re-scheduling and postponement of issues and tasks.
  • Interactive calendar in a daily/weekly/monthly or grid view with filters.
  • User timesheets give the scheduled and actual task duration enabling the assessment of each user’s utilisation.

Control Progress with intelligent Dashboards

  • Dashboards that give you a view of which process, e-mail or task is pending, with a preview of its information.
  • Check trending processes to get insights into monthly metrics.
  • User-friendly interface with drag-n-drop functionality to create connections between elements and e-mails.
  • Quick adds creation with connection to the background screen information.
  • Custom made dashboards that adjust to each businesses vital analytics.

Process Dashboards | Enterprise Collaboration Software | BPM Platform | Comidor