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Projects - Gantt 5
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1 – Projects (Project Scheduling)

Projects (Project Scheduling) – 1  Comidor PM Module can help you deliver successful projects easily no matter the size or complexity. You may import an MS Project file, associate a workflow pattern with the Project or start from scratch by designing a new Gantt chart. Each project is based on 3 main user levels (Echo…

Resource Budgeting -3
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2 – Projects (Project Cost Management Plan)

Project Cost Management  Project Cost Management plan refers to the phase of Project Management, where you will plan, allocate and budget how much Human Resources, Materials, Equipment and Facilities are required in each Project component (Work-Package) of the Project. Thus, the Resource Budgeting helps Project Manager get an estimate of the overall Project Costs. Costs…

Personnel Bookings - 1
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3 – Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)

Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)  Resource Scheduling/Booking is the next step a Project Manager should perform after Project Scheduling and Cost Management Planning. Project Manager schedules Personnel booking based on Project’s Requirements and Costs and Personnel’ availability and skills. Personnel participation in a Project implementation can be confirmed or rejected through Personnel Booking Approvals unit by Personnel’ Resource…

Workpackage - 0
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4 – Projects (Work Packages)

Workpackages Workpackage is defined as the effort required to produce deliverable in a project. Talking about effort, this can be a set of tasks that can be performed from one, multiple people, or multiple teams. A work package can stand as a smaller process inside the main Project, sometimes also refer as a portion of…

Resources Used -2
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5 – Project Approvals (Project Tasks and Expenses Approvals)

Project Approvals (Project Tasks and Expenses Approvals) Project Managers can approve or reject Hours spent and Expenses added by Project members in Project WorkPackages using Project Approvals. Pending Task Approvals & Resources Used Simple users that have been booked through Personnel Booking of a Project and accepted to work on this Project’s Work Packages from Personnel…

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Timesheet Through Timesheet Unit you can manage your Tasks and Expenses which are related with Project Work Packages assigned to you. Once a Project Work Package has been assigned to you, you receive a Process Notification viewable and accessible through Notifications Bar. Timesheet View To access Timesheet Unit go to Application Menu Icon > Collaboration >Timesheet.…

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Chat Room

Chat room Comidor Chat Room Unit enables the users to communicate with their colleagues internally. Video conferencing is also doable through Comidor for reaching out all users no matter the distance or location. Through any web browser, the user can speak and view his/her colleagues or partners through high-quality video streaming. Make sure your browser…

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Job Titles (People Management)

Job Titles In Job Titles unit, user can add specific Jobs with their own code and description. Match them with specific abilities and responsibilities using Skills and Job Responsibilities. Matching a Personnel with a Job Title, lately, will give Managers the ability to add these Job Title’s Skills automatically in the Personnel’s profile, together with any…

Skills - Skills Report
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Skills (Skills Management)

Skills Skills management gives the ability to managers to identify Personnel depending on his/her skills. “Search by Skills” and “Skills per Person” features are available through Personnel unit, too. Skills can be used in order to describe a Job Title. In order to do so, you should associate Skill with a Job Title. Skills will be…

Trainings - Featured
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Trainings (People Management)

Trainings (People Management) Comidor Trainings unit helps Personnel on Training tracking and organization. Users can add a new Training, create an Agenda and then invite users and groups. Other people can join on that training. All hours that each person has spent on Trainings can be tracked with Training reports. Plan a new Training Go…