System Administration

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User Fields and User Forms

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User Fields and User Forms Sometimes, fields that are available in Components creation need to be more personalized to business needs. System Administrators can create User Fields that can be…

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Users Unit

Users, Application Rights and Roles

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Users, Application Rights and Roles The first user that is registered in Comidor is the System Administrator (Admin). The Admin is responsible for managing Comidor Users, creating Personnel and passwords,…

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Lists and Filters - Featured

Lists,Filters and Process Map (Data Management)

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Lists,¬†Filters and Process Map (Data Management) List Management helps administer data lists (Categories) which are used in other modules. All Comidor users can create public category Lists (i.e. Account categories).…

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Comidor Imports


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Imports Available only to System Administrators Comidor integrates perfectly with different applications. The integration is easier now due to the new import/export functionality for Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Products & Services.…

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