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“Business Process Management (BPM) aligns to the delivery of business objectives in terms of organization goals, services, or products that customers or clients need, through the management and improvement of a several sets of activities that are carried out.”


Deploy easy-to-use bpm tools for design, monitoring and optimization.


Decide the role-based access and workforce to collaborate.


Establish your standardized procedures, expand and re-use it to force optimization.

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Design workflow patterns

  • BPMN 2.0 Comidor Workflow Designer, is used to visualize all types of Business Processes easily with drag-n-drop functionality
  • Workflows can be attached to any process and help in road-mapping of the business processes
  • Role-based Rights, Rules & Collaboration helps to ensure that the right people with the right guidelines participate in a process execution
  • Form Designer enables users to design, preview and fully-customize any kind of form used for user input data
  • Prioritization and Scheduling tools like categorization, priority & importance matrix and more are also available

Workflow Designer | Business Process Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Operate faster

  • Use Workflow templates to quickly reuse for regular procedures
  • Schedule repetitive processes with automated start on a specified repeatable plan
  • Enhance collaboration with discussion boards, files, messages, group and personal assignments in each record
  • Quick creation of new connected operations, assignments, emails, records
  • Real-time smart notifications are being sent to the proper groups of people
  • Mobile App available to view each case anytime, from anywhere at any time

Monitor and balance a busy workload

  • Quick Access to real-time information through Dashboards
  • User-friendly interface with drag-n-drop-to-connect functionality
  • Timesheets measuring user utilization and displaying scheduled duties and actual duration
  • Reports for work execution in table and graph views

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Achieve business process optimization

  • Establish the quality, performance, and reliability of your workflow with Workflow Simulator
  • Prevent errors and optimise your processes with Simulation Analytics
  • Audit all workflow actions triggered in a specific process
  • Workflow Analytics give a provision on how to improve current workflows and processes
  • Preserve intellectual data of your company by exporting the business process document

Measure performance accurately

  • Productivity Metrics for process and tasks tracking
  • Measurement of goals achieved and company objectives that are met with KPIs
  • Analytics give an indication on how to improve current workflows and processes
  • Form Designer creation to run surveys associated with Contacts, Accounts, Personnel or Opportunities and evaluate on their results

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