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Process Improvement in Organizational Development

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Businesses are always looking to the future for ways to improve their operations and continuously grow in their industry. That may include investing in the latest and greatest technologies to improve your processes and achieve operational excellence. But how exactly should you go about improving your current processes and automating your tasks? Read on to learn the answer to this question and more.   

What is Process Improvement?

Business trends are constantly evolving and you’ll want your business processes to align with these changes and the continuous growth of your company. That’s where process improvement comes into play. 

What is Process Improvement | Comidor

What is process improvement, you ask? Anytime you identify and revamp or fix a current business process within your company, you are partaking in process improvement. As your company grows, you’ll want to spend time focusing on ways to improve your existing processes or fix broken processes to optimize and automate your workflow.   

Organizational process improvement is a never-ending practice that should be a regular part of your business structure. As you analyze current processes and implement new systems, you’ll want to monitor results and decide whether new processes are functional. One way of doing this is to automate your workflow and track progress using Business Process Management (BPM) software. We’ll take a closer look at this software in the next few sections.   

Workflow Automation and Process Improvement 

If you’ve ever wanted advanced software that allows you to simplify and automate your workflow, you’re in luck! With BPM software, you’ll have the ability to design and customize your workflows to fit your business’ needs and automate your work processes 

BPM software provides companies the opportunity to enhance collaboration, emphasize priorities, and closely monitor daily workflows. Instead of spending hours repeating the same processes over and over, you can create repeatable templates that will streamline the workflow processes and handle tasks for you. Team communication can occur quickly through automated discussion boards and messages. Send real-time notifications to the right team members to alert them of their next task.  

Additionally, receiving real-time reports and analyzing dashboards will give you access to see where processes aren’t functioning at their highest level and where the focus should be for process improvements.   

Ideas for Organizational Development 

Now that we’ve defined process improvement and how automation works hand-in-hand with this, let’s discuss a few ideas for achieving optimal organizational development.

Ideas for Organizational Development | Comidor

Standardize Processes 

Once you’ve invested in BPM software, standardizing and automating processes is simple. Facilitate regular processes using reusable process templates. If you have an existing template that is working well for certain tasks, you’ll have the opportunity to replicate the template and reuse it for other tasks as well. Notice that some of the steps in this template aren’t working for this new task? These templates are customizable and can be adjusted to fit your business’ needs. 

Not only will this speed up the work process, but it will allow you to see where continuous process improvement can occur. If a standardized practice is no longer producing the highest quality of work, you can focus your attention on brainstorming a solution and fixing the process.

Consider Employee Feedback 

Your employees are the ones working first-hand with this software, so their feedback is vital for identifying process issues and learning where improvements can be made. After you’ve implemented new processes with your BPM software, check in with employees to ensure that the improved process is functioning better and continue to make adjustments as needed. This software works for you, giving you the chance to change processes and adapt the technology to achieve the best results.

Be Customer-Oriented 

Customer satisfaction is key to any business. If your customers are unhappy with the service or product you’re providing, it’s a sign that you may need to analyze your processes and make process improvements. Consider what your customers are looking for and the problem your product or service should be solving for them. From there, you’ll have the chance to customize your automated workflows and change processes to improve output and please customers.  

Automate Your Business with Comidor 

Ready to tackle process improvement and automate your workflows? Comidor is here for you. Our advanced Low-Code BPM technology is easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality and a convenient mobile app that can be used anywhere. With innovation and sustainability at the forefront of our mission, you can trust that our software will help your team function at its highest level.  

Contact our team today to learn more about automating your workflows and improving processes with Comidor! 

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