Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration, Task Management, Internal Communication

Art of enterprise collaboration

The Art of Enterprise Collaboration

700 400 John Kirpitsas

We all know that companies need to anticipate numerous of challenges, in daily basis. The new normal in business is a here and it is highly demanding in flexibility, mobility,…

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Actions to be mailbox champion

Actions to be Mailbox Champion

700 400 Smaro Kelesidou

Monday mornings at work. A mailbox full of new messages, invitations and spams. No matter how well organized you are and what Strategies you have implemented to be a Mailbox…

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Mailbox champion

Strategies to be Mailbox Champion

700 400 Smaro Kelesidou

Email is the main communication tool to effectively run a business from anywhere and to communicate in a personal or a professional way. Also, is a way of gaining time…

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Emil communication

Are you still using email?

700 400 Chryssa Cherkeletzi

At your business, are you still using email? If yes, how many folders do you have in your mailbox? Moreover, how many RE: or FWD: do you have with the…

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Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) in Business Collaboration

700 700 Semina Efstathaki

Business collaboration couldn’t get away from the IoT storm. This Internet of Everything phenomenon is undoubtedly here to stay and expand to each and every aspect of our daily lives.…

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Comidor devops

DevOps via Comidor

700 700 Dimitris Athanasiadis

In this constantly changing tech-driven world, each company needs to anticipate and adapt to market changes with speed, receiving not only faster, but continuous feedback loops in order to improve…

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It all started with this: #DevOps

700 700 Dimitris Athanasiadis

Is “DevOps” just another fancy word to describe something that has always been around or there is a true philosophy hidden behind it? Is it the cheap excuse for yet another trendy…

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Cloud document management system

Cloud Document Management System: Fact or Fiction?

700 560 Androklis Mavridis

People have the tendency to believe. They believe in an idea, a concept, a technology or a bedtime story. If they like the story, they don’t care of facts or…

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Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration Platforms – the wave of the future?

700 458 Kostas Dervenis

Brazil was thrown off balance and humiliated on July 8th 2014 as five German goals flew into their net in the first 29 minutes of a crushing 7-1 defeat. The…

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Cloud Horizontal Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration or “Making Vertical look Horizontal”

700 495 Androklis Mavridis

How many times you have encounter a customer saying: “I know your application is storing this information but wouldn’t be awesome to have it inside this module also?” if most…

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