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Low-code platform: Choose

Low-code platform: An IKEA DIY experience vs pre-built Apps

700 400 Smaro Kelesidou

More and more companies invest in building a branded custom app which meets their needs with a low-code platform, nowadays, instead of choosing an app “off the shelf”. But, is…

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BPM: the Past, the Present, the Future

1108 677 Nikos Kapetanakos

A lot of companies have included a BPM software in their IT arsenal during the last years. This happened as a result of the vast technology growth, specifically in the…

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BPM Software makes better brands

BPM Software makes better brands

1121 748 John Kirpitsas

In literature, brands are sets of impressions that lives in people’s heads, according to marketing expert, Peter Economides, who worked -among others- with Steve Jobs at Apple. Inevitably, these perceptions…

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business processes 2018

Are you prepared for 2018? – Automate business processes this new year

700 467 Deepak K. Rana

First of all, wishing you a very happy new year 2018. We hope that you had an incredible 2017 and looking forward to making 2018 even better. 2018, comes with…

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Business Building

Business process modelling – from Start to End

700 464 Deepak K Rana | Amforma (

Every business is working from Input to Output. We input our resources in the form of man power, skills, knowledge, experience and work toward the projects, milestones and tasks to…

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Business Process Automation – a journey plan

700 467 Deepak K Rana | Amforma (

The three-important words, that has importance to any business. Whether it is a SME or a corporate organisation. Each company is required to have business processes to achieve the desired…

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Business Process Modelling in the office

Why we need business process modelling?

700 466 Deepak K Rana | Amforma (

Isn’t it a million dollar question?  If business is running great, it’s already making a turnover in multi millions and there are number of people working in the company. Projects…

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Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation with Comidor

700 466 Deepak K Rana | Amforma (

Comidor provides a complete Enterprise Automation solution that contains Business Process Management, CRM, People Management, Project Management capabilities under one roof Comidor Enterprise Automation. It saves time and brings productivity…

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Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modelling with Comidor

700 525 Deepak K Rana | Amforma (

Comidor specialises in business process modelling. An organisation is consisting of functions, data, business rules, organisation structure, technological rules, various applications and may exist in various territories. How can one…

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A simple BPM Software that can drive success to your business

1662 1143 Christina Economidou

Is it time for automation? Keeping an eye on the business trends, you may have noticed the enormous increase of business process management use in modern enterprises that makes you…

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