Task Management

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Reasons to use task management software

9 Key Reasons to use Online Task Management Software

700 400 Chryssa Cherkeletzi

Daily business life is full of tasks; work, meetings, phone calls, appointments, business trips and much more. Many professionals to remember, manage and finally accomplish these tasks, they use post-it…

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Task Management time saving

Key Reasons Not to use Task Management Software

700 400 Chryssa Cherkeletzi

Despite the variety of Task Management Software, there are still professionals who have not figured out what these tools really offer or they have not found yet the suitable solution…

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Cloud Productivity

Cloud productivity & Team Productivity for dummies

700 514 Androklis Mavridis

Last night I had a couple of drinks with friends. A bunch of old dogs desperately seeking for relaxed quality time, but hopelessly ending over and over again talking about…

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Task Management Tool

Why BPM platform are fundamental

700 466 Dimitris Athanasiadis

Using technology and BPM platform for Collaboration Task Management tools  are everywhere and technology’s growth seems unstoppable. The growth is not only coming in terms of accomplishments (incredible new materials,…

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