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How to Keep Up with your Business 100% Remotely

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Marching into the new era of remote business and online operations, most of the organizations find it more profitable to operate remotely. Thinking that everything can be easily accessed online through the internet, more firms expect the business to run smoothly like any traditional businesses. That’s not the case.  

You won’t be able to call people into your office to go over things, and you might not even be in the time zone. You’ll need to adapt and do things a little differently. 

To run a remote business, the company needs a completely new business approach that is entirely different from the traditional one. There are challenges to face, as well, such as micromanagement, tasks, and process management. With advanced technologies and holistic digital business automation, keeping the business successful is not a problem.

From the demands for constant communications to successful process execution, sticking to the usual and conventional business approach may not be suitable.

On the other hand, managing the remote business properly using the right tools and techniques will yield higher profitability and more incentives for the team. To make your business successful while working remotely, here are some tips:

1. Motivate your Staff

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It can be a big challenge to motivate your staff to work remotely after being used to work conventionally for a decade or two. Fortunately, there are ways to help you motivate and inspire your staff as the business transitions into a remote setup. 

  • Empowerment 

The best way to empower the team is to let them know that you trust them and that you are confident in their skills and knowledge.A remote collaboration solution is also helpful so that your staff will feel that they are engaged just like how they were in a conventional setup. 

  • Mentorship 

Coaching strategies may be needed from time to time, at least during the first stage of the transition. Organizations must take the time and effort to coach them individually, as necessary, because a one-size-fits-all approach will not do the work. Positive reinforcement and constructive feedback are what they need to ensure that everything is handled accordingly. 

  • Compensation 

Keep in mind that the overhead expenses are now shouldered by the staff as they work remotely from home. Proper compensation should be given not only to compensate and motivate but also to alleviate the pressure as utility bills pile up. Another way to compensate the staff is to give them a break. Working remotely without breaks will result in exhaustion

2. Use Technology to Streamline and Automate Processes

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For smoother and stress-free remote business operations, using technology in the right way to streamline the process is your smart move. With efficient tools and an integrated system, your business will reach success and stay ahead of the rest. 

  • Digital Automation Platforms 

Sharing data between each department and business element is easier through digital automation platforms like Comidor. They are solutions that enhance business productivity and profitability. They also simplify things for employees and management as they visualize and automate core business processes. This way you will save time from the employees and you will make sure that they are informed of how to complete their tasks. 

  • Customer Support System via VoIP 

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol helps provide convenient customer care and support. It is easier for the staff to receive calls through the internet using laptops or desktop computers instead of using old-school telephone lines. 

  • Real-Time Analytics

There is no need to meet and consult a financial advisor if you use technology for your remote business. With real-time analysis, you can instantly get any real-time information you need. With digital automation platforms, you can get full and clear insights with dashboards and reports that will help you evaluate your business success. 

3. Encourage Small Work Groups

IoT for workplace safety-connected employees

Employees need proper scheduling depending on their local time zones. To make things work, it is best to assign a small group for each locality and to develop shared leadership. The tasks will be delegated more efficiently if they are divided into groups. 

  • Team Virtual Work Sessions 

Small workgroups can easily have a team virtual work session through Chats & HQ Video Conferencing. This way, teams can manage tasks, track work, communicate and share content. 

  • Team Building 

Remote team buildings can be done monthly or quarterly to build up the team and strengthen the bond between employees or team members. It also helps improve communication, increase productivity, build up the team’s morale and enhance confidence. 

  • Team Ideas 

Brainstorming team ideas is an excellent way to keep up with the latest business and industry trends

It is necessary to facilitate interactions among team members so that they feel motivated to work from home or any remote place. 

  • Effective Deadlines

You need to make it clear on when things are due. This is very important, especially when dealing with people spread across different time zones.

Consider using tools that allow you to assign tasks and set due dates. They will send email reminders to people and give them a notice when an upcoming task is due in their time zone. You could also schedule things into someone’s calendar just to be sure that they will get notified. 


There are many ways to take advantage of high-end technologies and digital solutions. Transitioning to a remote business demands a specific approach and not a trial-and-error one. The shift to a remote business may lead you to face plenty of challenges. But with the right tools and proper business approach, you can achieve success for your remote business. These tips are proven to help keep the business up 100% remotely. 

About the Authors:

Jock is the founder of Digital Exits, an online brokerage that specializes in the buying/selling and appraisal of online businesses. His career began in digital marketing before he opened his own consulting firm. Now he focuses on helping others find success with their business.

Meggie is a freelance writer and communication manager at AMGtime. Meggie is deeply convinced that marketing is a key to get success in all spheres and it’s a crucial part of our lives. Regularly, she delivers various concepts on how to market products, services, and events effectively. Meggie believes in a win-win formula and utilizes it on a daily basis in staff management.

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