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Project management software (PM Software) | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

Comidor offers online project management tools on the top of a quick and easy on-line collaboration background.


Use Comidor Project Management Software to create the Project Chapter (Stakeholders, Responsibilities, Objectives, Success Criteria, Constraints, Schedules, Budget, Risks)


Develop the PM plan estimating activity duration, determine work packages, describe work packages with workflows.


Coordinate fully the human & infrastructure resources, creating outstanding products or services as outlined in the plan, while managing the Stakeholders expectations.

Monitor & Close

Verify and control scope, identify change, apply corrective actions, inspect & update, calculate the ETC. Perform final verifications, deliver the final contract performance broadcasting, document the lessons learned, create archives, get feedback.

Innovative “echo” Model

  • Project Manager (PM): selects the participating groups and builds the Gantt chart online. He is the responsible to set the desired workload for the members, as well as to estimate the expected cost and finally assigns each schedule to its associated manager.
  • Team Leader (TL): selects the appropriate workforce and assigns duties to them.
  • Team members (TM): accept the orders assigned to them, build their own sub-tasks and upon tasks’ completion their orders are flagged as “complete”. Thus, the actual budget and the exact workload are re-calculated to encompass the updates.

Enjoy collaboration during the PM Life Cycle

Project Managers primarily capitalize on the following:

  • Information during the life cycle can be easily shared.
  • The coordinator enables associated teams to solve issues arisen.
  • Checking the Asset Utilization helps in keeping an eye on the crucial performance baselines.
  • The methods and tools can be repeatedly put into practice easy and fast.

Project Management life cycle | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Gantt Chart | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

Full compatibility with Traditional and Modern Agile/Bimodal PM approaches

  • Use the simple Gantt Chart maker to represent the time and duration of the Project’s Work packages.
  • Define your milestonesin order to landmark the progress that should be made at a certain future point.
  • The duration and the dates can be changed just by editing the sub-processes.

State of the art Functionality

  • Create Work Packages (Processes)
  • Form multiple sub-processes under the same Group of Schedules
  • Assign each Schedule to a Group of Users to inform them and help the manager keep track of all their team’s tasks
  • Define constraints between work breakdowns such as (FS, FF, SF, SS) and get in line with your PMI or PRINCE2 WorkBooks!
  • The critical path is automatically established
  • Set the Requirements for each schedule
  • Modify your packages and visually see your Gantt chart updated
  • See the growth on top of the planned one in real time!
  • Zoom-in to focus on certain time periods for better improvement inspection
  • Send notifications when a schedule is completed or delayed
  • Make templates and use them to similar projects simply by changing the name and edit date etc.
  • Link with workflow(s) in order to automate the stages
  • Track progress with Timesheets

Milestones & Burndown Charts

  • Milestones are defined as distinct attributes of schedules in order to landmark the progress that should be made at a certain future point.
  • Control with the burndown chart the spend (vs) remaining schedule work hours.

Milestones Burndown Chart | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

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KanBan Board | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

KanBan board

  • Get quick updates via the KanBan board tool, monitoring the work progress and their just-in-time deliverables.
  • Comidor KanBan board alleviates team project managers’ burden of work-in-progress (WIP) monitoring by revealing and preventing bottlenecks dynamically.

Assets utilization

  • Dynamically define and organize both physical, intellectual, human or financial internal or external assets.
  • Take care of assignments, resource availability, roles and workload rates.
  • Assign numerous resources to multiple projects and automatically be informed of redundant or overstretched resources.
  • Explore the plethora of available timesheets to have at all times clear picture of your teams’ progress.

Link entities with Working Packages

  • Built-in collaborative features, with enhanced capabilities to connect different entities dynamically during the life cycle
  • Quick and easy connection of documents with working packages, within the phases
  • Rich functionality within the same toolbox allows connection the full range of Collaboration features, within the working packages (i.e. contacts, messages, accounts, processes, etc.)

Link entities with Working Packages | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Smart Notifications & Notice Scenarios

  • Get easily noticed, with a friendly professional social network UX interface
  • 5 level information: System and User notification (record created/completed), e-mail, new calendar entry, new process
  • Choose among variety of options about the way that the system will notify you, ie. an SMS prior 20min from expected task start.
  • Availability to notify non Comidor users, via external e-mail
  • Full record of the notification history

Analytical & Automatic Reporting

  • Status reports showing finished/ incomplete tasks, milestones, requirements and deliverables coverage overview
  • Performance reporting
  • Ability to save reports as templates for later use
  • Interactive graphical report editor
  • E-mailing reports to users
  • Export reports to MS Office and Open Office formats

Analytical & Automatic Reporting | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

Project Management Analytics | Business Project Management | BPM Platform | Comidor


  • Investment decision-making support
  • Investment portfolio control
  • Budget and cost regulation
  • Benefit measurements
  • Resource usage
  • Budget versus cost
  • Timing and variance

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