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Enterprise Resource Capacity Planning
People Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

Managing people within an organization is a key element, usually encompassing core business processes with a direct impact on performance. Comidor PPM enables end-to-end Enterprise Project Management with complete Resource Capacity Planning capabilities.

Personnel Management

Organize & maintain personnel records, assign personnel to departments/locations, define working hours & conditions, set holidays per groups/countries.

Job & Skills Management

Define job titles & required skills. Search for people by skills and attributes, assign roles to each user and link that role with rights, responsibilities, activities and actions.

Personnel Resources Cost

Define the working days and hours per region/individual. Minimize administrative risks related with personnel absences.

Role-based Access Control

Assign which users will access which resources and the level of access provided (No Access, View, Restricted, Full Control, Admin). Customize the ecosystem per users/teams.

Select the most suitable people for each task, based on their skills and the cost of the task.

Personnel Management

  • Personnel listing with personal details, organizational job groups, reporting line, cost centres and specialties.
  • Employment/Working Assignments with length of service, contract start/finish times, relation to accounts and region code.
  • Absence & Entitlement menu with full history record, tracking and calculated sums.

Personnel Management | People Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

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Search People by Skills | People Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

Search Skills by Role

  • Search for specific personnel, based on name, title and other advanced criteria.
  • Select job title from your list, as well as cost range (min/max).
  • define the certifications needed & languages spoken with the fully customizable soft/hard skills list.
  • Make a request for personnel booking, engaging the required personnel directly to the project’s working packages.

Want to see the true cost of each assignment? Let our videos help you!

Personnel Cost

  • Personnel cost enables the utilization of a billing system (per user/per hour), available to the Management Team.
  • Apply cost values on the basis of hours worked on projects/assignments.
  • Register expenses in the local currency, with automatic conversion to Project currency.

Personnel Cost | People Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

People Management Dashboard | People Management | BPM Platform | Comidor

People Management Dashboards

Comidor PPM provides users with a smart and practical dashboard, enabling them to control work, absences and job postings as well as providing a rich on-demand source of information at the people & project management level. Below is a detailed chart with the working days of selected personnel, based on Capacity, total scheduled, chargeable/non chargeable hours, overtime, effectiveness, etc.

Comidor PPM also provides the functionality to fully track the success and traffic of job postings, along with graphical & numerical representation of job applications and the cost of recruitment per month.