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Low-Code Case Management Software

Comidor Case Management software allows businesses to respond to individual situations on a case-by-case basis, and to manage customers or internal interactions across different channels.

  • All the information you need in one place allows you to get an out-of-the-box view of the case, appreciate team intuition and ensure the on-time resolution of an issue and to-the-point interaction on each requirement
  • Comidor platform unifies processes, people, and data to produce meaningful results, irrespective of the number of people and the amount of work required to achieve successful case management
  • Comidor uses a built-in Case Management system that allows you to deploy and implement custom apps with low-code for your business. These apps help your workforce get the right content at the right time, check insights using advanced analytics and make split decisions on a case
  • Comidor Advanced Case Management (ACM) function drives structured and unstructured data, on the cloud, on premises, or on mobile devices

Operations Excellence

Comidor Low-Code Automation platform supports the new case management framework by providing solution architects with case management tools that help them build unique and agile applications through low-code or no-code. These applications are able to assist your workforce through to case completion and drive business toward operational excellence.

  • From the beginning to the end of a process, a mix of human interaction, ad-hoc, or workflow tasks are required
  • More often than not, a case is difficult to plan; steps cannot be anticipated, and the process is less structured

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The 4 Common Use Cases of Case Management

Investigate Cases

• A submitted claim that needs investigation
•  Completely Ad-hoc


Proceed on successful decision making and business goal achievement

Service Requests

• An incoming service request
• Slight Ad-hoc


Immediate case resolution

Incident Management

• A complaint
• Slight Ad-hoc


Immediate case resolution


• Completely Structured
• BPM-like process


Successful decision making

Case Management Challenges

  • Difficulty in tracking and monitoring of data, as most cases are unstructured
  • Lack of customer data integration from different systems
  • Difficulty in visualizing a timeline of process events, key dates occurrence and collaborations
  • Too much time spent resolving ad-hoc problems
  • Limited process automation
  • No mobile capabilities

Why Consider Case Management Software?

  • One system holding information – instead of 3, 4, or even more systems
  • Paperless operating
  • Task parallelization while updating complex Excel documents
  • Fewer, e-mails, calls, and meetings

Adaptive Case Management Software

Comidor Low-Code Automation platform can be adopted by any organization as it reinforces an Adaptive Case Management culture.

  • Structured processes which follow a forms-based and rule-driven workflow
  • Processes where the flow is altered based on certain rules that are tracked via data, current judgment, and business policies
  • Processes that do not comprise a specified consequent number of steps, where case owners can add ad-hoc tasks dynamically
  • Processes where data, content, people, policies, and responsibilities are integrated in order to achieve a specific result

More Intelligent Case Management

Case Management

✓ Categorize and track each customer communication channel

✓ Identify information using data management features (searching, tagging, filtering etc.) and metadata

✓ Define the process owners and the accountable workforce with Agile deployment capabilities in case application creation

✓ Communicate a change using notifications, notes (comments) or check activity history

✓ Process auditing, analytics, dashboards and built-in reporting which visualises data and measures KPIs

✓ Capture and fine-tune case content with mobile capabilities(Workforce Mobility)

✓ Integration with 3rd-party applications using APIs

Adaptive Case Management

✓ Case Management application design and modeling using conditional flow to run the sequence of activities

✓ Automation characteristics using process templates, quick application creation, process repetition and bulk actions application to business processes (Process Automation)

✓ Custom forms and fields – checklists, JSON tables, pre-defined lists and more (Business Intelligence and Reporting)

✓ Ad-hoc or structured child case (sub-process) creation in support of ad-hoc tasks creation, subprocesses with structured workflows can also be performed inside a case

Intelligent content management which supports data orchestration by classifying the linking of structured and unstructured content (Content Management)

✓ Management of all case-related documents in the same view (Information Tracking, Records Management)

✓ Continuously updated software with add-ons and enhancements based on both the market and business needs

Comidor Case Management Apps

Comidor Low-Code Automation platform offers a number of pre-built main and business apps of Case Management types such as:

All the above support business needs not only in a general-purpose process pattern but also in a cross-industry business logic pattern. You can find more business applications by visiting the Comidor app marketplace.

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Comidor agility | Comidor case management

The Case Management Features of Comidor

  • Process agility to support decisions
  • Process collaboration functions
  • Storage documents and files (images, contents, files, e-mails)
  • Data management and association with older cases
  • Process automation with workflow or templates
  • Different UI depending on Roles
  • Real-time case Analytics and reporting

Comidor Case Management Software Benefits

Get a 360° view of any case instantly;
real-time analytics, integrate information from 3rd-party systems

Work smarter and more effectively;
eliminate content silos

Increase transparency and productivity
through knowledge sharing

Mobile app
case management simplified on any device

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Comidor is the easiest way to manage your cases, collaborate with colleagues on pending matters, share information instantly, and get work done from anywhere.

Comidor is the easiest way to manage your cases, collaborate with colleagues on pending matters, share information instantly, and get work done from anywhere.