BPM for Government

Digital Transformation of the Greek public sector,with Process Automation & online Collaboration

BPM for Government – Client Business Challenge

Our experience with large organizations in the private sector is vital for government segments (prefectures and municipalities) seeking to anticipate the challenge of business process automation and performance monitoring.

Comidor establishes a horizontal enterprise collaboration framework, providing the complete toolset for communications, teamwork, time-tracking and workflow automation. It has successfully implemented in large scale projects (Ministries, Municipalities, Perfectures) creating   ecosystems for more than 4.000 users.

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Comidor Solution

The solution is focused in digitizing the business processes within Gov entities, running on the top of a social collaborative framework.

Main problems solved:

Drastic decrease of the daily emails exchange, switching to smart notifications.

The users have switched from traditional methods (emails) to modern notifications sent on task assignment/ completion

Unified communications, with built-in chat/video and secure internal messaging and mailing system.

Comidor offers at an Enterprise level the required functionality for team chatting and video conferencing in live high definition

Common ground for files storage/sharing, connected with Dropbox, Drive, Box

The system offers a complete build-in DMS,, with file locking/ sharing/ versioning/ view-edit rights/ instant sharing/ linking with other entities.

Smart calendars with Task sharing

Dynamic information that can be shared horizontally and vertically within the organization

Events Management, such as trainings, BoD meetings

This boosted the prompt information and meeting requests, delivering agenda details, connection with corresponding purposes and accept/deny replies

Case Management, with categorization per type, area, dpt, etc

Complete case management (ie. issues, complaints), registration & processing from the relative departments on a modern and transparent way.

Process Dashboards for controlling operations

Rich information with different views per team

Workflow tasks, connected with process schedule/run

Complete built-in BPMN2.0 workflow designer, that allows process run and task creation according to the Organization’s business rules.

Project Management, with a focus on Purchase Dpt and Technical Works Dpt.

Powerful Project Managements, with enhanced automation functionality, Earned Value Analytics, Risks Management, lessons learned and Issues tracking

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