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Business Process Automation – a journey plan

The three-important words, that has importance to any business. Whether it is a SME or a corporate organisation. Each company is required to have business processes to achieve the desired success. Without a process is like ship with a hole into it. To succeed in the business, the companies are not just required the business…

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Leading remote teams
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How to Succeed Leading a Remote Team

The digital revolution has radically changed the way we think about and perform our jobs. Business process automation, along with outsourcing, have revolutionized the way we do business. The days of trudging into the city for a 9-5 shift are slowly dwindling. And these changes in technology, combined with people’s increased ability to use it…

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Comidor BPM awarded Great User Experience for business management software by CompareCamp’s B2B experts

Great User Experience was always one of the main objectives of Comidor BPM design and structure. Our efforts to optimize the user experience further in every new software release and our goal to bring value to customers through our user interface is now officially recognized, being nominated for CompareCamp’s “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star…

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Business Process Modelling in the office
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Why we need business process modelling?

Isn’t it a million dollar question?  If business is running great, it’s already making a turnover in multi millions and there are number of people working in the company. Projects are going pretty well too. Why would one need business process modelling? Well, the answer to this is that with faster and accurate business processes,…

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Enterprise Automation
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Enterprise Automation with Comidor

Comidor provides a complete Enterprise Automation solution that contains Business Process Management, CRM, People Management, Project Management capabilities under one roof Comidor Enterprise Automation. It saves time and brings productivity in the company by connecting all the dots. Have you ever thought about having just one platform that can provide all the business connectivity? Whether…

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Business Process Modelling
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Business Process Modelling with Comidor

Comidor specialises in business process modelling. An organisation is consisting of functions, data, business rules, organisation structure, technological rules, various applications and may exist in various territories. How can one get best in the highly competitive environment? With over years of experience in the industry and by studying a number of market analysis reports, we…

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A simple BPM Software that can drive success to your business

Is it time for automation? Keeping an eye on the business trends, you may have noticed the enormous increase of business process management use in modern enterprises that makes you wonder: Is it time to automate your processes too with a simple bpm software tool? The answer is not simple. Usually there are signs that…

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Business process management trends
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Business Process Management Trends of 2017

Business Process Management is becoming more and more popular in the world of business. Early BPM adopters are now facing remarkable success watching their revenues increase and those who at first hesitated, are now ready to invest in a BPM solution. The bpm market has covered a great amount of business needs offering powerful solutions but the digital…

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Pm businesswise
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Project Management Businesswise

Many wonder, is Project Management for Engineers or the IT guys within the Organization? Yes it is, however Projects do not generate value unless the Business people get involved, participate and track outputs. In theory, Project Management is an applied approach of mature methodologies to Plan, Execute & Monitor working packages, including initiating and closing. Projects indeed…

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Gantt chart
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Gantt Chart – Comidor Project Management

Gantt chart definition A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule in terms of project activities against time. It was first introduced in the 1910’s by Henry Gantt in his effort to visualize project management timelines, and is now the most popular tool among traditional and modern project management methods worldwide. It is…

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Digital Transformation with business process management
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How business process management drives digital transformation

As technology evolves, organizations in all industries face intense competition. To survive in the market and remain competitive, these organizations must embrace the digital era and identify the way to optimize internal business processes in order to decrease costs and increase revenues. Business process optimization can be implemented with the help of a business process management…

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How to choose a Workflow Automation tool

In a previous post we discussed about the features a Workflow Automation tool should have. Sometimes though, there are many software in the market offering the same or similar features making it extremely difficult to identify the differences and make the final decision. Trying to make the decision-making process a little easier for you, we suggest…

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