Citizen Developers and their Low-Code Super Powers

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If we look back, traditionally app development belonged to the engineers and the IT departments of every business. And to…

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How-COVID-19-has-accelerated-digital-transformation | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

How COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation

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COVID-19 pandemic has caught businesses all over the world unprepared. For that reason, digital transformation has become a requirement for…

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AI and Low-Code BPM | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

The Controversial Combination of Al and Low-Code BPM

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Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology which has started to reform industries and business operations. Many software applications require extensive…

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Low-code Platform Trends 2019 | Low-Code | Comidor BPM

Low-Code Development Platform Trends 2019

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Entrepreneurs can now use low-code development tools to fuel operational efficiency and improve the experience of their customers. Futurists expect…

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Low-code platform: Choose

Low-code platform: An IKEA DIY experience vs pre-built Apps

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More and more companies invest in building a branded custom app which meets their needs with a low-code platform, nowadays,…

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