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How to Achieve Citizen Development with No-Code / Low-Code

How to Achieve Citizen Development with No-Code / Low-Code 789 526 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Have you ever wished you could create a business application without having to wait on your IT department to one? Well… what if we told you that you could? That’s right — anyone at any level of a business can build applications. This process is known as citizen development, and it’s definitely something your business won’t want to miss out on. Read on to learn more about what citizen development is and how you can achieve this in your business.  

What Is Citizen Development? 

There are times when you’ll be unable to wait on your IT team to build an entire application. That’s where citizen development comes in. Citizen development is the method in which users with little to no coding experience are able to create applications using No-Code development platforms.  

Citizen developers can build applications quickly to meet essential business needs. In a sense, developers are designing their own solutions right at their fingertips.  

These applications can assist businesses in automating and managing workflows and business processes. This can increase employee productivity, drive more accurate results, and give more focus to improving working relationships.  

Citizen Development with No-Code / Low-Code | Comidor

How To Achieve Citizen Development 

So, how exactly do you achieve citizen development in your workplace? For this application development method to transpire, developers need access to easy-to-use platforms. No-Code/Low-Code platforms are the ideal solution.    

Using this kind of platform, developers no longer need extensive coding knowledge to create applications. Instead, No-Code/Low-Code platforms that include No-Code App Builders, like Comidor, allow citizen developers to create, implement, and manage business applications in one convenient hub with little to no coding.  

Citizen developers can easily build applications to handle every business process, from marketing to project management to people management. By investing in a No-Code/Low-Code development platform, businesses become privy to endless application possibilities without the dreaded wait time of a coded application build.  

Why You Need Citizen Development 

You may be wondering, “Why should I utilize citizen development?” Well, there are a few benefits to having citizen developers that you won’t be able to pass up.  

Address Need for Applications 

As continuous growth occurs, business needs are ever-changing. To meet these needs, applications have emerged. Coding applications from scratch is a time-consuming process that can’t keep up with the demand for new or improved applications. It only makes sense to turn to citizen developers who can quickly build, implement, edit, and manage applications. With citizen development, your business applications can keep up with changing needs.  

Decrease IT Backlog 

In such a technology-first world, IT departments have a prominent place in business. They handle everything from building new software or applications to dealing with technological issues that occur in the workplace. This means, unfortunately, that IT departments can quickly become overwhelmed with a constant uptick in requests. By moving the application building process over to citizen developers, your IT department can focus on the most important task at hand — making sure your equipment is running smoothly.  

Enjoy Business Agility 

No-Code/Low-Code development platforms bring a new meaning to the term “agile.” Since they can automate workflows and business processes fast and with agility, your business is able to run smoother than before. Gone are the days of delayed communication or inaccurate data. Citizen developers can create applications that utilize notifications, automated movements, and real-time data to monitor and analyze projects every step of the way.  

Boost Productivity 

In addition to business agility, applications built by citizen developers have a magical way of boosting productivity. With automated tasks designed with each specific team in mind, employees can focus more of their time and attention on big picture items or fostering client relationships. Team members will have more time in the day to collaborate and move projects through the pipeline at an increased rate.  Citizen Development with No-Code | Comidor

Comidor No-Code/Low-Code Platform for Citizen Development 

Ready to join the citizen development movement? Comidor is here to help! With our easy-to-use No-Code/Low-Code development platform, it’s never been easier for citizen developers to create applications. Choose from a variety of pre-existing applications or build your own with simple drag-n-drop functionality.  

Contact us today to learn more about how you can join the application revolution with our platform! 

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