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Low Code Development Platforms, Tools, and Features

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Low-Code development platforms are taking the world by storm, and it’s no surprise why. With their easy-to-use interfaces and advanced process automation capabilities, these development tools are essential for running a business in the modern world. Read on to learn more about the low-code development platforms, tools, and features you need in your workplace. 

Low-Code Development Platforms

There are plenty of Low-Code development platforms that offer unique features and integrations. Keep reading to learn about a few of these platforms and determine which is best for your business. 

Low-Code Development Platforms | Comidor


First on our list of the top Low-Code development platforms is Comidor! At Comidor, we’re all about helping businesses automate their workflows and business processes creating state-of-the-art Low-Code applications. Build your own applications using our Enterprise Low-Code platform or search through the application marketplace to find pre-existing applications that can help you streamline your workflows and overall business processes. With our easy-to-use platform, anyone in your business can create and manage custom applications without needing a background in coding. 


The Kissflow Low-Code development platform is all about modernizing your company. Their platform is built to replicate a more cloud-like feel, making company-wide sharing a breeze. Kissflow’s platform was built with easy usability in mind, keeping its application builder simple and straightforward. Anyone at any level of a company can quickly create custom applications using this platform. 

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator has placed emphasis on the customization of business applications. Their platform is all about making applications that fit your company’s needs. They offer unique features for building mobile apps and form builders. Zoho Creator can be integrated with other Zoho applications as well as platforms such as PayPal, Salesforce, and QuickBooks. 


A Low-Code platform veteran, Appian has stuck with the basics that keep users coming back. Build applications using a simple interface and ensure that your mobile apps run smoothly with Appian. The best part? This Low-Code development platform has an extensive application marketplace full of templates for every business process you could need. 


Our final Low-Code development platform on the list is Creatio. This platform is all about speed. Creatio understands that we live in a fast-paced world, so they’ve created a platform that can keep up. Design useful applications in minutes with their simple and speedy interface. 

Low-Code Development Tools

These platforms come equipped with the best Low-Code development tools designed to make your business days a little more efficient. Check out just a handful of these tools below. 

1. Application Builder

Hands down, the best tool that these Low-Code platforms offer is the specialized application builders. This is where automation begins. Many of these platforms boast features such as drag-and-drop functionality that allow anyone in your company to build an application easily. The application builder allows you to create business applications that make your company run smoother and limit the number of human errors made throughout the development process. 

2. Cloud Integration

Many Low-Code development platforms have adapted to the emerging cloud technology. With this integration, companies can easily upload their applications to the cloud and reuse them anywhere, anytime. Information shared across teams can also be stored in this platform, allowing team members to find important information and data quickly and securely. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

In some instances, these low-code development platforms combine Low-Code with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This combination of technology allows businesses to automate both repetitive and non-routine tasks in one platform. Enhance your business process management with this hyper-automation technology. 

4. Data Analysis

Lastly, many of these platforms offer a data analysis system that generates accurate and detailed reports of your company’s progress. These reports allow you to see where business processes can be improved and what other workflows can be automated to speed up the development process for your business. 

Low-code development platform infographic | Comidor Platform

Low-Code Development Features

Minimal coding isn’t the only feature that these platforms offer. Below are a few additional features you’ll have access to when you invest in a low-code development platform. 

High-Level Security

Since your applications are built to share such a high level of information and data regarding your company, security needs to be a top priority. That’s why these Low-Code development platforms are created with such proper security features to ensure that your information is protected.  

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

These platforms are built with a variety of users in mind. The purpose is to allow companies to build and manage applications across all levels of the department instead of waiting for an IT technician to code an application from scratch. With this usability in mind, these platforms often provide a drag-and-drop functionality that allows creators to easily maneuver their applications. 


One of the best features of Low-Code development platforms is the reusability of applications. Once you’ve created an application, you’ll have the opportunity to save the template and reuse the application format again. This means that if another workflow occurs that requires the same or similar functionality of a pre-existing application, you can simply select that template and make any adjustments necessary instead of creating a whole new application. 

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Utilize your applications on the go with a mobile-friendly interface. Whether you’re in the office on your desktop or heading out for a client meeting, you’ll be able to access your applications. Depending on your platform, you also may have the opportunity to create mobile-specific applications meant to be used on your cellular device.  

Process-Enabled Applications

We’ll conclude our list of Low-Code development features by discussing the process-enabled feature of the applications. In some instances, you may need to connect your workflows with applications to fully complete your tasks. Low-Code development platforms allow you to bring these applications right into your business processes and complete your work in one central location. 

Invest in Comidor’s Low-Code Platform

As the digital transformation revolution takes the workplace by storm, Comidor’s Low-Code development platform is prepared to handle all your business process needs. Automate your workflows and manage your business in one convenient platform.

Not sure how to get started with this technology? Contact Comidor today to learn more about how to integrate this platform into your work environment. 

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