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Enabling Digital Transformation with a Hyper-Automation Platform

Enabling Digital Transformation with a Hyper-Automation Platform 790 527 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

In the ever-evolving modern world of business, transformation pioneers are under constant pressure to keep companies competitive. They need to lower operational costs and boost their productivity simultaneously by improving and streamlining business processes.

Businesses and organizations need to change their businesses’ operations and implement new models consistently. And many struggle to stay ahead of the pack. A vast number of organizations are now turning to Hyper-Automation platforms to address these obstacles and enjoy better operational efficiency, customer service output, and overall service innovation.

Hyperautomation platforms enable businesses to connect the information, processes, and people to improve their workflow efficiency and efficacy. All while decreasing their operational expenses. Today’s businesses need to streamline their workflows, incorporate data into daily processes, and create impressionable mobile end-user experiences to deploy services to their employees and customers as seamlessly as possible.

How Hyper-Automation Platforms Can Help

Business transformation in the 21st century is being increasingly driven by the impacts of advanced technologies like cognitive automation and the Internet of Things. Transformation must be prompted by methods that rapidly trial new ideas if it is to prove sustainable in the long run.

Hyper-Automation platforms can effectively offer companies the level of progress-facilitating metrics and tools such as project management, organizational tools, business performance analytics, and enterprise architecture.

The current automation landscape is an amalgamation of interconnected segments. Classic BPM vendors, and new faces in the Low-Code industry are aiming to gain their share of the pie. Modern Hyper-Automation solutions of all shapes and sizes are cementing themselves as a must-have digital transformation tool in the midst of the confusion and overlaps that have ensued.

Companies that adopt Hyper-Automation solutions are ultimately significantly more likely to meet their desired business goals and outcomes. The combination of classic business process modeling, automation, and low-code monitoring allows businesses to develop applications rapidly with minimal manual coding.

It’s the pairing of this low-code approach and traditional BPM principles that have become the driving force behind BPM’s newfound agility. At the same time, the rapid development cycles provided by Low-Code development also gives organizations the tools they need to uncover and harness innovation opportunities they may otherwise have overlooked.

How to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation in 2021 

1. Integrating essential data 

Data integration involves combining data from many sources into a single, user-friendly platform. Doing this makes it much simpler to manage and access your enterprise’s most important information.

Integrating your data into your company processes ensures that users always have accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips. This means that end-users, and even members of upper management, can rely on a centralized data source to make more effective and well-informed decisions.

2. Connecting your workforce

Hyper-Automation platforms allow you to streamline your business’s processes and data flows using intuitive technology that connects your customers with your company. These solutions enable businesses to totally transform how they conduct business within a digital space. The world’s most progressive companies today are adopting futuristic business models and protocols that provide maximum value, both for employees and their customers.

Companies that adopt automation solutions which allow them to innovate and implement targeted changes more rapidly will be able to work harder and smarter. This supports long-term growth, and makes them more competitive in the marketplace. They are also better equipped to bridge existing gaps between their departments and simplify processes for both external and internal customers.

3. Developing Low-Code applications

The Low-Code and Hyper-Automation platforms have the power to boost development rates for every kind of applications. Plus, they help IT and programming teams to stay ahead of their business’ demands.  

A survey from Gartner based on senior executives discovered that half of the CEOs surveyed expect to see notable digital transformations in their industries within the next 5 years. The creation of Low-Code applications is seen as the key to achieving these evolutions.  

Choosing the Right Hyper-Automation Platform for Digital Transformation 

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a Hyper-Automation Platform to facilitate digital transformation for your business. The should offer: 

  • Rapid and simple setup and implementation. Automation solutions have a reputation for being challenging to use. Newer cloud-based solutions address this issue by offering instant registrations and significantly lower fees. 
  • Superior ease of use and learning. Once you have selected a platform, you will need to create your processes and onboard your staff. The level of difficulty these tasks carry will depend on the software provider you choose.  

Some solutions require in-depth technical knowledge to use them efficiently. This means that your employees will need to be trained on-site, or through online courses. You can avoid these hassles by choosing a No-Code/Low-Code Hyper-Automation solution, like Comidor, that offers a simple interface and requires no prior experience or knowledge to use.  

  • A high level of functional depth and streamlined software integrations. You need to integrate your software with your other business systems to gain the most value out of using it.  Most solutions offer either API-based or in-built integrations. In-built integration options come complete with built-in integration abilities for some software. This saves your staff from having to use software source code to build your own integration.

Selecting The Right Solution  

Hyper-Automation platforms have the power to enable rapid and lasting digital transformation within your business. You need to assess the specific needs of your enterprise to choose a solution that offers the features and integration abilities you require for growth and advancement. 

The essence of digital business transformation is a tech-driven reorientation of organizations away from internal facing processes, shifting towards customer-facing engagement. Every business comprises complex and connected groups of processes, people, and technologies. Low-Code and Hyper-Automation solutions can help businesses optimize workflows and build apps with Low-Code, simplifying their automation journey.

Author Bio: Jill Goodwin is a content champion for a variety of online publications. She often covers topics that cater to business owners and entrepreneurs with a strong focus on finances, productivity, management, and a few other topics.

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