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Workflow Automation for Sales Processes

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What would you rather do: spending your work hours entering data for potential customers into a spreadsheet or taking the time to connect with the people who actually are your customers?

Instead of working on the computer, it’s time you have the computer work for you. This way,  you can focus on the aspects of sales that matter most. Taking your business to the next level involves exploring the available options for workflow automation for sales. 

What Does “Sales Automation” Mean? 

First of all, let’s establish a definition for the broad phrase of “sales automation.” Utilizing a sales automation process involves relying on tools to achieve the sales goal of your company. These tools can range anywhere from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to AI-powered platforms. The benefit of workflow automation in your sales department is that it frees your workers from rote responsibilities without making their jobs irrelevant. The tools you use allow your sales representatives to give more attention to qualified leads or potential customers. Your automation through the sales cycle can assist you through the steps from lead generation to opportunity creation and finally customer acquisition. 

Workflow Automation for sales can be completely taken care of with a Business Process Management (BPM) Software, with built-in CRM functionalities. This software “aligns the delivery of business objectives in terms of organizational goals, services, or products that customers need, through the process management and improvement.” Comidor Low-Code automation platform is easy-to-use, accessible, and elastic. It supports your sales department and provides all the necessary tools like lead and opportunity management, and customer journey, to streamline sales processes, and complete repetitive sales cycles successfully.

Examples of Workflow Automations for Sales 

There’s a multitude of ways for you to automate your workflows in the sales pipeline. You can experiment with different methods to figure out which works best for your team. We’ll give you a few examples here, but there are many more features than we have time to cover today. 

 1. Sales Guidance 

You can set up automatic reminders or nudges for your sales representatives, so they know exactly who to connect with and when. Your automation should match your leads to the representatives that will be the best at helping them get what they need. Certain software programs are able to automatically set up appointments with clients that fit into your reps’ schedules. 

 2. Lead Management 

There’s only so much you can do on your own when trying to generate leads for your business. Automating that process allows your team to focus on the leads you have. Whether you’re looking for B2B lead generation, or a B2C one, an automation tool may be the best way to go. An automation tool can generate a list of potential leads that is curated to keep your team away from spending a majority of their time hunting down customers. An automated system can also track your potential customers’ engagement with your website and alert your representatives when it’s the right time to make a sales pitch.  A Low-Code Automation Platform enables your business to manage all the leads obtained in an automated manner. This means that a tool like Comidor provides a dedicated area to your leads for exploiting your chances to convert them into valuable clients. Through workflow automation, you can monitor and filter leads based on various criteria and receive automated e-mail and SMS notifications to be notified immediately as soon as a lead is generated from your website or any other source. 

Here is an example of a lead management workflow that incorporates smart notifications, and automated tasks assigned to the sales team members.

lead management workflow | Comidor

Explore more sales and marketing workflow examples here.

3. Customer Connection

You can use sales automation tools and systems to take care of customer outreach through automated emails and automated voicemails. Your reps can craft different email drafts that can be sent to potential customers at various points in your sales pipeline. Even though the copy will be the same, the automation personalizes it to the customer and reaches out to them at the ideal moment. Your reps can also use a tool that allows them to craft different voicemails to leave when a customer doesn’t answer the phone. This way, your reps aren’t scrambling to go through their sales pitch and instead can leave a message that will make your customers want to return the call.

4. Research and Data Logging

An automated system should be able to filter the overwhelming amount of information into a list your team can tackle. You’ll know exactly what social media hubs, forums, and more to target for potential leads. As you connect with these customers, your system will also track the outcome of your marketing efforts in real-time. Your reps won’t need to take extensive notes and load them into a system, the system does all the tedious work for them. With all that extra time, your reps can spend their newfound hours nurturing relationships and closing sales so you can grow your business.

The Benefits of Sales Automations for Your Team 

Automating your sales process benefits everyone in your organization. Your sales representatives will be able to focus on meaningful connections instead of tedious data entry. Your managers will have a more clear picture of the sales pipeline and will be able to lead their teams more efficiently.  What’s more, your customers will be happier because they received exactly what they needed at the time they needed it. Everybody wins. Additionally, sales automation systems have been proven to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce human error. 

Automating Your Sales Process 

Automating your sales process shouldn’t be a daunting task any longer. Let’s examine the steps to get started. Comidor Low-Code Automation Platform will guide you through the process. With Comidor, you can visualize all aspects of the sales process with drag-n-drop functionality. You’ll have access to all of the tools you need to collaborate with your team and your customers.  Data streams available over the full sale processes, pipeline and sales funnel charts, event metrics dashboard, ticket creation, and campaign management are only some of the features offered by Comidor built-in CRM functionality. 

Are you ready to accelerate your sales cycle? Book a call with a Comidor expert and explore your sales automation options.

It’s time to stop wasting your time with manual tasks when you could be building better relationships; closing more sales; and producing more revenue for your business. Explore the options for automating your sales process and put yourself ahead of your competitors. 

workflow automation for sales-author | ComidorAuthor’s bioJohn Dubay is the Managing Partner at Leads at Scale, an outsourced sales support company that helps B2B companies generate well-qualified leads at scale, ready to be closed.  

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