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Tips to build Better Customer Relationships | Project Management | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

Ιmprove Customer Relationships With Project Management

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Customers and clients are the number one priority of any business, and maintaining and building relationships with these individuals is…

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Stages of the Design Thinking Process | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

What Are the Stages of the Design Thinking Process?

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Design thinking is a solution-focused approach to tackling business problems. It is one of the most important emerging trends, essentially…

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Leading remote teams

How to Succeed Leading a Remote Team

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The digital revolution has radically changed the way we think about and perform our jobs. Business process automation, along with…

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Pm businesswise

Project Management Businesswise

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Many wonder, is Project Management for Engineers or the IT guys within the Organization? Yes it is, however Projects do…

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Gantt chart

Gantt Chart – Comidor Project Management

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Gantt chart definition A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule in terms of project activities against time.…

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Project management features

27 + 1 Project Management features your software needs

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Project management features are not the same for every tool. Is that all? Do you just have to Google “What…

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Online Gantt chart

On-line Gantt Chart first: Selecting your next PM Software.

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There are various important aspects when it comes to Project Management software selection, mostly depending from the nature of the…

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Online Gantt chart

Empowering Project Management with on-line Gantt Chart

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One of my favorite, and perhaps the most comprehensive statements about Management is that “to manage is to forecast and…

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Smart project management platform

Smart Platforms save Project Manager’s Coronary

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According to a team of researchers, there is evidence of 683 patients showed a prominent peak of 21% in heart attacks,…

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Why do projects fail

Why do Projects fail? 2

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Indeed, project leaders and their teams have to pay attention to several factors in order to deliver their projects on…

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